League of Legends: MAD Lions Upset G2 Esports in LEC Playoffs

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League of Legends: MAD Lions Upset G2 Esports in LEC Playoffs

The MAD Lions made a statement by defeating G2 Esports today.

Today was the first day of the LEC Spring Split playoffs. To the surprise of many, MAD Lions, a team of rookies, took down the reigning Kings of Europe, G2 Esports. They did so in 3-2 fashion, going the distance against the European super team and coming out on top.

No one expected anything from MAD Lions this series and it was supposed to be an easy 3-0 for G2. But the MAD Lions Comeback Kids didn't care about expectations or predictions. They showed up and completely shifted the balance of power in the LEC in the course of a mere few hours.

G2 is renowned for their individual talents and early/mid-game prowess. But MAD outperformed them in these aspects time and time again. They fought G2 head-on in the early game and snowballed their leads quite effectively. As such, most of these games were actually decided by their early games. But MAD even outplayed G2 in a tense Game Five. This game went very late, and despite having their own Nexus exposed, MAD Lions smashed G2's third Nexus while playing on a knife's edge.

Interestingly, G2 was prone to mistakes that one would expect of rookies. At points, they seemed to be in their “fun mode” that spectators have seen of them in the past. In addition, numerous members were caught out and killed by the always-hunting Lions.

It should be noted that as the first seed in playoffs, G2 Esports chose to play versus MAD Lions in this match. But it proved to be a mistake, and now G2 must play their way through the loser's bracket to make it to the Spring Split Finals.

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