MAD Lions vs Team BDS Prediction: Can a Rookie Team Win Their First Split?

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MAD Lions vs Team BDS Prediction: Can a Rookie Team Win Their First Split?

Read about MDK's odds in our MAD Lions vs Team BDS Prediction

One of the season's surprise rosters is on track to win their first rookie run in the LEC Winter 2024 semifinals this Saturday. As a result, we've tracked the winning odds for both teams in our MAD Lions vs Team BDS Prediction.

Coming into the Playoffs, MDK has blasted their way into semis through their audaciously high-risk plays. That said, it's safe to say that they've broken out of the F-tier this season — a feat only a few rosters have accomplished.

Soon, they will stake their claim on the first LEC trophy of the season (and possibly their first) against a battle-hardened BDS. The Swiss team is no stranger to deep runs, and features a Worlds-level toplaner that took his team to the international championship last season. Will MDK's aggressive playstyle be enough to survive their next circuit?

Our MAD Lions KOI vs Team BDS Prediction: Swiss Army Roster

All eyes have been on MDK since they survived their first bo3 series. Most of the members making up the ragtag team came from the EMEA Masters sphere, so expectations remained low until now.

Under Elyoya's leadership, his new roster was able to win a majority of their Playoffs series. But as we all saw, the Spanish team tends to force needless fights whenever they have an advantage. They usually invest a lot in the early game to win their matches, and have no real way to overcome big deficits.

Enter Team BDS, a roster that's been in MDK's position in the past. Numerous deep runs gets you closer to winning. And it's that kind of experience that has carried them this far in the brackets — experience that MAD Lions KOI lacks.

More Deep Runs in Their Pocket

The LEC is home to the best teams from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. So the longer you've spent on this level of play, the sharper your skills can become.

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Team BDS has been an exemplar for great teamplay in recent years. Their stunning coordination on the Rift is a masterclass that was last seen in their last game against Team Vitality where Sheo and nuc tied Nature's Grasp and Shockwave together for a perfect series closer.

This level of playmaking is only witnessed in the big leagues, where BDS has constantly showed up.

Flawlessly Qualified for Worlds 2023

Adam's intimidating champ pool of bruiser champs makes him infamous among his peers. And it's his level of play that propelled BDS into the world stage last season.

In a heated best-of-three circuit, the Swiss roster butted heads with LCS heavy-hitters Golden Guardians. The international pressure should have impacted their macro, but it stayed steadfast althroughout, earning them a 2-0 victory.

We do know that their chances wane and wax depending on their Sheo's performance. That said, he's had plenty of time to refine his jungle pathing throughout Winter.

Champions in Any Stage

Team BDS has repeatedly proven their prowess on every tournament level. Consistent improvements always put them on top of shifting metas and changing rosters — and nothing's changed in 2024.

MAD Lions KOI does go in for unexpected hail mary plays that could potentially throw BDS off, but it's nothing the Swiss org has never dealt with before. And given MDK's fresh appearance on the stage, they'll be playing on BDS's home turf.

BDS did slip up in their first series against the Kings of Europe, so hopefully they'll take some lessons from that slip-up to aid in their next match.

MAD Lions KOI vs Team BDS Prediction

Best Betting Odds for MDK vs BDS

After keeping track of the stats, the odds look bad for the new kids on the block. Here are the best bets you can make for MAD Lions KOI vs Team BDS.

  • Team BDS win: The odds are stacked with most bookie sites leaning towards Team BDS at nearly 2:1 decimal odds — a justified result considering that they've only really fallen to the best roster in the LEC. That said, we can't go all in on the boys in blue quite yet.
  • Team BDS First Blood: MDK's ferocity on the Rift gave them the leg-up in most early-game skirmishes, so Team BDS' chances of getting the first kill in the series is mostly 50/50.
  • Team BDS First Tower: MDK has slightly better chances with coordinated tower dives and plate advantages. We saw this in their last slugfest with the Fnatic boys, who often got their side lanes crushed during the first minutes of the match.
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Our MAD Lions KOI vs Team BDS Preview

You”ve heard our predictions and betting odds for MAD Lions vs Team BDS this Saturday, now let's go into the nitty gritty on how each team has fared so far — and what can improve their chances.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions KOI vs Fnatic Recap - LEC 2024 Winter Playoffs

The biggest surprise of the season. MDK came into the Winter split with a mostly-rookie cast with only EMEA Masters wins under their belt. But that didn't stop them from rising the ranks this split and getting into the top four in just 2 weeks.

Elyoya has been the head of the pride for the most part, but their newest midlaner, Bartłomiej “Fresskowy” Przewoźnik, has been making the best savior plays in recent games. He's proven himself as a worthy adversary, but MDK's journey isn't over yet.

MAD Lions currently has 8 wins, with their last two bo3 matches ending in a straight series win. They last exchanged blows with Fnatic, where the silver scrapes eventually went to their favor.

MAD Lions Roster:

  • Toplaner: Alex “Myrwn” Villarejo
  • Jungler: Javier “Jungler” Batalla
  • Midlaner: Bartłomiej “Fresskowy” Przewoźnik
  • Botlaner: David “Supa” García
  • Support: Álvaro “Alvaro” del Amo

Team BDS

Team BDS 2024 LEC Preview

The expected winners of the match. Team BDS possesses the flexibility, the smart playmaking and the determination needed to challenge the best in their region. That said, it always hasn't been enough to win a domestic title.

The closest the boys in blue have gotten to a Split win was back in Spring 2023, where they fell in a battle of attrition against the MAD Lions. But rosters have changed, and playstyles have been improved. So an upset by MDK sounds highly unlikely (but never impossible).

Team BDS Roster:

  • Toplaner: Adam “Adam” Maanane
  • Jungler: Théo “Sheo” Borilé
  • Midlaner: Ilias “nuc” Bizriken
  • Botlaner: Yoon “Ice” Sang-hoon
  • Support: Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis

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