Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring

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Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring

The Playoffs of this year’s first EM are finally here, and Macko Esports are looking to make history as the first Italian team to make semis.

Only 8 teams remain in the 2023 EMEA Masters Spring Main Event! Two French squads, Team GO and LDLC OL are here to keep the LFL’s title as the strongest ERL, Los Heretics want to protect their belt, while Istanbul Wildcats are trying to prove that they shouldn’t have been demoted from the Big Leagues. Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition will try to erase the mistakes of the past, with Movistar Riders looking to recouparate. Meanwhile, SK Gaming Prime will try it’s hardest to get through the first round, but they are facing one of the strongest teams in the tournament – Macko Esports.

Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime Preview

Macko Esports

Yes, the Italian team was one of the best performing squads of the Main Event, which is an unprecedented outcome. While the winner of the PG Nationals have always qualified directly for the Main Event, skipping the Play-Ins, only Mkers have been able to get to the Playoffs so far – and that team has disbanded. Hopefully, this will not be the fate of Macko, who have shown masterclass in League of Legends, finishing 5-1 in Group B.

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Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime The Lineup of Macko Esports

While they only get 50% of First Towers, they got First Blood in 4 of their 6 matches so far. They have some pretty unique picks as well, with Estonian Markus “ACD” Käpp busting out the Kled on multiple occasions, and the team’s only Italian player, Vittorio „Click” Massolo not playing a single Champion more than one time. The only loss they suffered was against Spanish Champions Movistar Riders, and while that was a pretty decisive victory, they were able to take their revenge.

SK Gaming Prime

The Prime League 2nd Place team had a bit of a struggle trying to get out of Group D, but they managed to pull through with a 3-3 scoreline. In the first round, Team GO and Anorthosis Famagusta have been able to defeat them, so until the last match of their Group, it was uncertain if they would qualify. However, they managed to beat ANO in a hard-fought match, so they got their shot in Playoffs.

Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime FEBIVEN, Midlaner of SKP

While SK Gaming Prime play a much more conservatinve style of League, they still have some unique picks thanks to Tim “Keduii” Willers and his Tristana, and Lukas “Lurox” Thoma and his Kindred – but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly.

Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime Predictions

On paper, Macko Esports are much stronger than Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten and SK Gaming Prime: they only lost one match, they managed to beat the LVP SL Champions and they are looking very confident. However, German ingenuity shouldn’t be underestimated, and SKP have Febiven and Janik “JNX” Bartels on their squad, which means they have a huge advantage in terms of experience. Macko Esports also have a glaring weakness: Sixten “Six10” Hull have played Ahri 5 times out of 6 games, and while he won his one Akali match, it remains to be seen what he has up his sleeves for Playoffs – but the series should be in the Italian squad’s favor.

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Macko Esports vs SK Gaming Prime Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring
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