Luis Suarez EA FC 24 – Top Cards and Feature in TOTK

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Luis Suarez EA FC 24 – Top Cards and Feature in TOTK

Can you get a Luis Suarez EA FC 24 card? With two players sporting the same name, and one not included, this whole situation can be a bit confusing.

EA FC 24’s finally in full release and players are jumping in to find the very best players in the game. There are a few major names in football who are coming up short so far though. As we run through the best 5-star players or other top highlights, there are some fantastic real-world players who just don’t seem to be appearing. Is this because EA has iffy ratings, or are players missing? One particularly confusing example has been Luis Suarez in EA FC 24. While the more well-known Luis Suarez hasn’t appeared, another with the same name has made it all the way to the Team of the Week.

It’s no secret that the current EA sports football game has had some changes thanks to rights issues. That’s meant a change of name. Beyond that though, it’s even meaning some players who were pretty key to teams in FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 are completely missing this time around. So is Luis Suarez EA FC 24 card in the game? There’s both a yes and a no, depending on which Luis Suarez you mean.

Luis Suarez, of Grėmio, is a stand-out player from past Ultimate Team years. He’s had a longer history with FIFA and has been part of the series for quite a while, but he’s missing at the moment. Why is the player not included? Then, why did another Luis Suauerez show up in the team of the week?

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Is Luis Suarez in EA FC 24?

Luis Suarez ea fc 24

As soon as you come into the game and start looking for your favourite names, you might see a few gaps in the rosters this time around. If you’re wondering is Luis Suarez in EA FC 24, the answer is no this time to the Uruguayan player.

The player isn’t a part of the game, in any mode. It doesn’t look like they’ll be added in EA FC 24 patch notes either. We’ll probably not see the player pop back up, at least until EA FC 25.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the other Luis Suarez, he is here! The Colombian player has even made it through to the Team of the Week for WK 3!

In previous Ultimate Team modes, Suarez has been a particularly high-value card. He’s been great for those looking to build up their roster and start to really progress. In this game though, he’s nowhere to be found. There isn’t a Luis Suarez EA FC 24 card.

Luis Javier Suarez EA FC 24

There is one Luis Suarez in EA FC 24, the card has even shown up in a recent Team of the Week feature. These are the stats for this card:

  • OVR – 75
  • PAC – 84
  • SHO – 77
  • PAS – 64
  • DRI – 4
  • DEF – 40
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Why is There Not a Luis Suarez EA FC 24 Card?

While there is one player by that name, he might not be the one that most think of. While there is not a Luis Suarez EA FC 24 Card this time though? He was included in past versions of the series.

The player isn’t in the game, but why is that? There are quite a few players who are missing this time around with different reasons for quite a few. Some aren’t here because they’re free agents, but for Luis Suarez EA FC 24 it’s a lot simpler, it’s just licensing.

He’s currently playing in an area not being licensed for the game by EA Sports. He’s playing for a Brazilian club. Just like how they aren’t using the FIFA name this time, not every league and player has got their rights secured to appear in the game. Without those, there can’t be a Luis Suarez EA FC 24 inclusion.

ea fc 24 career mode hidden gems

It’s disappointing if one of your favourite players hasn’t quite made it in. Although, there is still a great selection of cards to choose from. That includes the recent Road to the Knockout challenges with some of the most fun challenges we’ve seen so far. You might not be able to find every player you want, but the vast majority are here and some are pretty useful cards in Ultimate Team.

Luis Suarez EA FC 24 – Top Cards and Feature in TOTK
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