LPL: LGD Gaming Members Banned for Match Fixing

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LPL: LGD Gaming Members Banned for Match Fixing

Earlier today, the LPL found that multiple members of LGD Gaming are guilty of match fixing. The LPL released an official report that details the types of rule violations and punishments. Jungler Xiang “Condi” Ren-Jie is at the center of this controversy with an 18 month ban, but a substitute player and two members of the coaching staff were also found guilty and punished. LoL Division Manager Song Ziyang received the most severe punishment of being banned for life from the LoL Esports scene.

Condi played on Team WE from 2016 to 2018 and became beloved around the world. His performances at international events set him apart from many and he was respected for his skill. This year he joined LGD Gaming, who struggled and placed only 11th in the league. He released a statement recently admitting to rule breaking, but was apologetic and tried to deflect some of the guilt. But it wasn't enough to be spared from the long suspension or his contract being terminated by LGD. This may mean the end of Condi's LoL career, as it's hard to believe any team will want to sign him after this.

Though there were a few bad apples, LGD released their own statement promising to “strengthen self-examination… to resolutely put an end to such incidents.”  LGD also apologized to the league, the other teams and the fans on top of this. This isn't the first instance of competitive match fixing this year. Dragon Gate Team, who previously played in the LMS, was banned for violating this rule. The LPL pledged to stay vigilant and investigate any and all instances of rule breaking. With two incidents in six months, all of the Eastern LoL teams and tournaments will be on their toes.

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