Lords of the Fallen Level Cap

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Lords of the Fallen Level Cap

In a game like Lords of the Fallen it is vitally important to spend the experience points you obtain wisely, in order to advance and improve your character's statistics. One of the most asked questions by the community is, in this regard, what is the Lords of the Fallen level cap, if there was one. In this article, therefore, we have decided to answer this question in such a way that you no longer have any doubts.

What is the Lords of the Fallen level cap?

As you surely know, as you progress through the game and improve your character's statistics, you will need more and more Vigor to level up. At the moment, we don't know exactly what the number of Vigor is needed to reach the maximum level, but we know, precisely, what the Lords of the Fallen level cap is.

Although Lords of the Fallen technically does not have a level cap, the maximum level that players can reach for each statistic is 99. Consequently, since in Lords of the Fallen there are six statistics that can be improved, this means that the players will be able to reach a maximum of level 540. Once you reach this level, you will no longer be able to spend points on any of the six characteristics. However, to get to this Lords of the Fallen level cap, you will need many hours and you will necessarily have to go to the NG+ to acquire more and more Vigor. Consequently, only the most daring players will succeed in this feat.

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Lords of the Fallen soft caps

Having archived the discussion linked to the Lords of the Fallen level cap, another issue to be resolved is that linked to the Lords of the Fallen soft caps. In fact, as in any other game of the genre, as soon as you reach a certain level, the improvements and upgrades you will have afterwards will drastically decrease in size.

So, essentially, these are levels from which the bonuses you will have from enhancing that specific statistic will no longer be as marked as previously. However, the Lords of the Fallen soft caps are level 50 for all six stats that are present in the game. So, once you reach that level in each stat, the benefits you will have will decrease.

lords of the fallen level cap

Lords of the Fallen Level Cap
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