Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow Boss Guide

If you've made it this far, it means you've been able to get through most of the game. In fact, the Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow boss is one of the bosses you will encounter in the final part of the game. For this reason, it will not be easy to deal with at all. But fear not, because, in this article, we have decided to show you the best strategy to use to get the better of this boss and be able to continue towards the end of your adventure in Lords of the Fallen.

How to beat Hollow Crow in Lords of the Fallen

Unlike the other bosses in the game, the boss fight against Hollow Crow consists of three different phases. In the beginning, you might be a little confused and not quite understand how to proceed in order to inflict damage on this boss, so we have decided to give you a hand to make everything as simple as possible.

Phase 1

The first thing you need to know (and which applies to all three phases of the fight) is that the only way to inflict damage on Hollow Crow is to hit Lucy, the ghost of a girl that you can see flying over the battle arena. In case you are in the Axiom realm, the only way to deal damage to Lucy is to use Soulflay on her. This will cause her soul to exit the bubble of light and be affected. Consequently, our first advice is to carry out this process as soon as the fight begins, but be careful that you need to be in possession of Soulflay charges, so get a couple before engaging in this fight.

If you perform this procedure well, Lucy's soul can be attacked with both melee attacks and ranged attacks. Try to land as many hits as possible in this period of time, but always be careful of the Hollow Crow who will try to hit you with her attacks so as not to be able to inflict damage on Lucy. If, however, you are in the Umbral realm, you will not need to Soulflay her soul, as she will already be exposed and you can hit her directly.

What you need to know regarding this first phase is that, as soon as the battle begins, Hollow Crow will summon ice wolves and zombies who will have the task of slowing you down. Therefore, be careful with these enemies as they can catch you off guard very easily. Additionally, the boss will also make use of an ice trail that will follow you around the arena and bounce off the walls to change direction. The most effective solution is to dodge the attack by running into it.

Another attack to take into consideration is a particular breath attack which will cause giant ice spikes to be created which will emerge from the ground and explode. The job of these ice spikes is to slow you down and deal a lot of damage, especially when any of Hollow Crow's other ice attacks hit them, causing them to deal even more damage. So, don't be fooled, because it is probably the most dangerous attack in the boss' arsenal.

Also during the first phase of the fight, Hollow Crow can also make a move with which he will summon a whirlwind of frozen air which aims to make you no longer see anything. Due to this attack, Hollow Crow will force you to stay in the center of the arena and therefore in contact with other enemies, instead of on the sides to try to avoid them.

Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow

Phase 2

Once you have managed to defeat Lucy for the first time (which will not be easy at all), the second phase of the battle will begin. At this point, all enemies in the arena will disappear, except, obviously, the boss. From this moment and for the first more or less 30 seconds of the battle, Hollow Crow will only use ice spikes and ice breaths as attacks. Here you will have to be careful not to get hit and you won't have to worry about anything else.

Once Lucy returns, Hollow Crow will no longer attack you but instead will attack more enemies. Take advantage of this time to Soulflay Lucy's soul, so that you can land a couple of attacks before you have to deal with the second phase of this battle. Be prepared that this will not be an easy battle to face at all.

As already mentioned, Hollow Crow will summon new enemies that you will have to pay attention to. These Ice Mages will not be easy to deal with at all, in fact, not only will you have to deal with melee attacks, but also with ranged attacks that are capable of inflicting a lot of damage. For this reason, do not underestimate them, and always keep an eye on them when you are attacking Lucy.

Another threat comes from the ice projectiles that Hollow Crow will begin to use during this second phase of the battle. However, in case you are far enough away from the boss, you shouldn't have much trouble avoiding this attack, as their trajectory is telegraphed. Furthermore, Hollow Crow will also make use of crow ice spikes, which is a more enhanced and faster version of the ice spikes of the first phase. However, these crow ice spikes will not bounce off the walls. The strategy to follow is the same: dodge in the direction of the spikes. Finally, the other attacks that we have already described in the first phase will also be present in this second phase.

Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow

Phase 3

The third phase of the battle starts very similar to the second: Hollow Crow will try to hit you with its ice spikes. Again, don't try to hit the boss as it will be useless, but dodge everything until you see Lucy appear again. What you will have to do, therefore, is follow practically the same strategy that we have indicated for the previous phases until Lucy's health bar is completely empty.

The special enemy you will have to pay close attention to during this phase is the Kinrangr Guardian. This is an enemy that you will have already defeated at the beginning of this area, in the form of a boss, while here it will be in a weaker version. However, his attacks are still very dangerous and you will have to be good at dodging them to avoid taking damage. For the rest, the other attacks remain the same as the first two phases, so adopt the previous strategies to avoid being caught by surprise.

Once you have defeated Lucy for the third time, you will see Hollow Crow's head fall to the ground and you will have the chance to land the final blow that will kill the boss once and for all. Once this is done, you will receive a Vestige Seed and x8 Umbral Scouring as a reward for this exhausting and long battle. Also interact with the Umbral echo located in the center of the arena to receive another Umbral Scouring and the Remembrance of the Hollow Crow which, once given to Molhu, will allow you to obtain the Dress of the Drowned, the Mask of the Drowned, and the Grieving Gaze spell.

Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow

Lords of the Fallen Hollow Crow Boss Guide
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