Lords of the Fallen: Each Stat Explained

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Lords of the Fallen: Each Stat Explained

Lords of the Fallen has a plethora of stats that you need an understanding of to prevail

Are you ready to dive into the world of Lords of the Fallen? Before building and levelling up your character, you must know the six stats governing your abilities. But expect these stats to be more complex than attack, defense, speed, and health. As with most Soulslikes, things are a little more complicated than that. 

Lords of the Fallen Stats

At the beginning of the game, you'll need to choose one of the nine available classes. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, so picking the one that suits your playstyle is crucial. To help you make an informed decision, let us break down the ins and outs of each of the Lords of the Fallen stats. 


Your Strength attribute is crucial in determining the damage output of weapons that rely on it. Additionally, it fortifies your physical defense and substantially increases defense against Fire, Holy, and Wither attacks.


If you use weapons that scale with Agility, such as daggers and short swords, this ability will boost their damage. Additionally, it will provide you with a slight increase in defense against Fire, Holy, and Wither attacks. It's worth noting that Agility also affects ranged weapons, so this ability can also benefit ranged combat.


Your character's Vitality stat significantly impacts various aspects of your gameplay. It directly affects your maximum stamina and carrying capacity, allowing you to endure more prolonged battles and more loot. Additionally, having a higher Vitality stat improves your overall defense against different types of damage, including physical, Fire, Holy, and Wither. Therefore, having a high Vitality stat is crucial for your survival and success in the game if you prefer to wield heavy weapons and armor.

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A good amount of Vitality is crucial for your survival in any battle. Not only does it determine your maximum health (HP), but it also allows you to endure more hits before you're taken down. And that's not all! Investing in your Vitality also gives you a slight boost in equipment load capacity, allowing you to carry more gear into the fray.


If you want to wield weapons that pack a serious punch and increase your maximum Mana, then you need to focus on your Radiance. This determines your ability to cast powerful magic spells and boosts your defense against Fire, Holy, Wither, and physical damage. Trust me, you want to take advantage of this!


Inferno is a magical power that can not only boost the damage of your weapons but also increase your maximum Mana and unlock some excellent magic spells. But that's not all; Inferno also provides extra protection against Fire, Holy, Wither, and physical damage. Although the increase in defense may not be significant, it can make all the difference in a tough battle.

How to Level Up in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen: Each Stat Explained

In Lords of the Fallen, your progress is marked by reaching Vestiges, which serve as checkpoints for you to take a break from the action. These Vestiges, similar to bonfires in Dark Souls, allow you to heal, restock on resources, and respawn any defeated enemies (excluding bosses) since your last checkpoint. 

Additionally, you can access multiplayer options from the Vestiges, allowing you to recruit players to help you or join someone else's game to offer assistance. The Vestiges are pivotal locations that provide much-needed respite and opportunities for strategic planning in the game.

In the game, various strategic planning and decision-making opportunities involve taking risks. One such decision is selecting an upgraded character, which is crucial as it enables you to use Vigor – a purple substance you earn from defeating enemies – to level up your character's stats. It's worth noting that Vigor also serves as the game's currency, so if you wish to purchase items, you'll need to earn it through gameplay.

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In the game, Vigor is a crucial currency you must acquire to purchase items from various vendors. It is essential to manage your Vigor wisely as the amount required to level up increases with each level. If you struggle against a boss, don't hesitate to backtrack and engage in enemy farming to increase your Vigor and give yourself a better chance at success.

Soft Caps Explained in Lords of the Fallen

As you progress through Lords of the Fallen 2, you'll notice specific points in each attribute where the bonuses you receive decrease. These are stat soft caps and are particular values for each feature. For instance, if you have a high Strength and add another point, you'll notice that your weapon damage won't increase as much as it did before. This implies that it may not be worth continuing investing in a stat once you've reached its soft cap.

How to Respec Your Playable Character in Lords of the Fallen

Once you've progressed far enough in Lords of the Fallen, you may need to modify your character's attributes to suit your playstyle better. Fear not, for there is a solution. Pieta, located at the hub, offers a service that allows you to adjust your character's abilities. 

However, this service is only available after you've defeated Pieta in her boss form near the entrance to Skyrest Bridge. It's worth noting that each time you respec, you'll require a rare item called a “Rebirth Chrysalis,” which should be used wisely to optimize your character's abilities in the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen.

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Lords of the Fallen: Each Stat Explained
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