LoL: Your Shop Has Returned!

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LoL: Your Shop Has Returned!

In tandem with Valorant’s Night Market, League of Legends has opened the personalised shops for everyone.

After Valorant’s Night Market opened, Riot Games’ other immensely popular title, League of Legends, now has it’s Your Shop feature available as well.

In Your Shop, players get a personalized selection of six skins available at a discount. Some of the price reductions can be up to 60 percent! Which means you can get a new look for your favorite Champion for more than half off the regular price!

Your Shop with discounted skins

But Your Shop has something that Night Market lacks, which is predictability – to a certain extent. While the tactical FPS’s personalised shop gives you six discounted skins at random, League of Legends’ bazaar gives you outfits for your recently played Champions. Which means if you’re a Darius or Yasuo main, and you miss some of the skins; there's a good chance for them to appear during the event.

Your Shop is also open far longer than Night Market. While in Valorant, you only have 12 days from the start of the event to grab your desired skins, in League of Legends you have until March 9 to get everything you need — but don’t miss your chance!