LoL: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs DRX Recap

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LoL: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs DRX Recap

An early battle for the top spot of Group D was fought between Top and DRX.

Top Esports vs DRX

The DRX LoL team on the Worlds 2020 stage ahead of their game against Top Esports with the game draft below

TES and DRX were already hyped as the top two placed sides in the group, so a battle between them has been hyped up since groups were drawn. Both TES and DRX looked dominant in their first games. Plus, the winner of this game is likely to be the favorite for the first spot out of the group. DRX picked up a massive first blood as Pyosik paths top. 369, having recently used his TP to make it back to lane loses out massively on XP and gold as he fell even further behind.

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DRX took an early game lead of nearly 2k, thanks to great tower plate play. The game's first real team fight happens at the third drake spawn. While DRX started the drake off, it’s TES that steal it away and kill off the DRX top laner in the process. DRX maintained a small 2k lead, though TES were certainly coming online. Both teams posture over soul and Baron, though neither are taken. A fight goes the way of TES in the top lane as they pick up two kills and transition it into a Baron buff. Thus, they swing the gold lead over to themselves. While TES looked to start making plays with their Baron buff, DRX caught out Knight on the retreat. His team followed up his death so DRX picked up the Ace as the Baron buff was wiped out.

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The Soul point is up on the map for TES. However, DRX is able to hold them off as both teams handshake and disengage. TES took their opportunity to push down the mid lane, while DRX is more interested in the disengage, TES dropped four members of DRX and claimed the mid inhibitor. They could not be stopped, however, despite the best efforts of the respawning DRX. TES moved to 2-0 with that win as they fully insert themselves as a favorite for Worlds 2020.

Quick Stats:

  • Time: 32:05
  • Kills: 15-9
  • Turrets: 7-4
  • Gold: 58.7k – 57.2k
  • Dragons: 3-2
  • Barons: 2-0
LoL: Worlds 2020 | Top Esports vs DRX Recap
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