LoL: Worlds 2020 | JD Gaming vs Suning Knockout Preview

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LoL: Worlds 2020 | JD Gaming vs Suning Knockout Preview

The second and third Chinese seeds meet in the World’s Quarterfinals.

With the 2020 LoL World Championship series heading into playoffs, people are eager to see which teams will make it to the top. If the LPL is going to make it to the Finals only one of them can remain in their side of the bracket. Suning vs JD Gaming is the first civil war for the LPL.

First, we have Suning Gaming, the third seed from China who also got first place in Group A going 5-2. This team is known for their raw talent and being able to blow open any game with their skill. If teams are unable to match the early mechanical skill of Suning’s players they have no chance at winning a series against them. However, Suning isn’t without weaknesses. In fact, G2 showed the world how you can beat Suning in a game of League of Legends; taking it to late game and beating them with macro and decision-making.

On the other side is JD Gaming (“JDG”) who took second place in the LPL earlier this year, losing to the tournament favorites Top Esports 3-2. While they placed second in their own Group B, JDG is no slouches. They only came in second to the other tournament favorites from the LCK known as Damwon Gaming. JDG is considered a more well-rounded team compared to Suning with their ability to pressure consistently throughout the whole game.


I think this matchup will be filled with the action-packed League of Legends that the LPL is known for. Neither team is afraid to fight and take a chance on their mechanical prowess to get their team in a lead. It’s interesting to note, however, that both of these teams have not played each other in an official match since the second week of the LPL. Here, JDG beat Suning 2-0.

While the series is going to be close in the early-game, JDG will most likely outclass Suning as a team. Suning is a strong team capable of beating teams that aren’t the best of the best such as DWG, TES, and JDG. However, against opponents that can match their mechanical skill, their opportunities to win the game narrow greatly. JDG will take the series 3-1 with Suning getting one win off of dominating the early game.

Prediction: 3-1 JDG

MVP: Kanavi

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