LoL: Winners And Losers Of Preseason 11- Jungle Edition

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LoL: Winners And Losers Of Preseason 11- Jungle Edition

The junglers you should be playing.

Preseason has settled down and Riot doesn’t plan on making any big changes before Season 11. Get a head start on your competition by learning the meta and picking the champions that won the preseason.

S Tier – Champions that you should pick if they aren’t banned

The splash art for League of Legends champion Kayn, a man holding a massive scythe with two huge ghost like figures facing towards each other

Kayn – The KING of the preseason, an absolute 1v9 champ in the jungle.

  • Two forms giving him flexibility in any situation.
  • Red form + Goredrinker = an unkillable, slippery tank that does damage.
  • Scales hard into the late game in both forms.

Graves – The hard carry champion that bullies every jungler

  • Can build different mythics depending on what the game requires.
  • Strong clear speed and mobility let’s him take over the map early on.
  • Has few bad matchups meaning he is a safe blind pick in most situations.

Nunu – The tank champion in the S tier

  • Can quite literally snowball games in his favor with early gank pressure.
  • High utility, enables his teammates to succeed and carry.
  • The best objective control out of any junglers with Consume-Smite being able to out contest any jungler.
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A Tier – Champions that are strong, but require a little more work to pull off

The splash art for League of Legends champion Kha'Zix, a large bug-like creature with massive claws

Kha’zix – Invisible Assasin Bug

  • One-shot potential with Duskblade makes Kha extremely hard to deal with.
  • Duskblade lets Kha be invisible for a whole team fight when paired with his ultimate.
  • Flexibility with evolutions lets him shine in different situations.

Rammus – The no-counter play champion

  • Strong gank pressure that can guarantee kills with a knock-up and taunt.
  • Provides frontline for the team while dealing AOE damage.
  • Itemization changes with ability haste lets him taunt more than once per team fight.

Hecarim – A slightly weaker pony.

  • Despite the nerfs, Hecarim is still an absolute menace if he manages to get a lead in the early game.
  • Can fall behind late-game if he doesn’t get a lead against the map.
  • High movement speed allows him to punish laners who are overextended.

B Tier – Viable, but have less impact than higher tiers

The splash art for League of Legends champion Skarner, a scorpion creature with a crystalline body

Skarner – The QSS tax jungler

  • The best jungler for locking down people with a stun from his passive and an ultimate that suppresses.
  • Can win jungle matchups especially when people are unfamiliar against Skarner.
  • Fighting around spires can win early game skirmishes to snowball the game.

Fiddlesticks – The niche AP team fighter in the jungle

  • Insane team fighting with AOE fears and silence paired with raw damage from ultimate.
  • While powerful, Fiddlesticks can easily get counter-jungled and put into bad situations.
  • Falls off in higher ranks where players are good at avoiding his ultimates.
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Amumu – Teamfight King

  • An easy to play champion with a straightforward goal of landing good ultimates in team fights.
  • Has a pretty strong clear speed that is good for power farming in most ranks.
  • Can be punished by meta champions such as Kayn or Graves.

Losers of the Preseason (Don’t play these champions)

The splash art for League of Legends champion Sylas, a man with chains on his wrists and blue magic energy emitting from his hands

Sylas – Good luck being a champion

  • Has a terrible clear speed making him fall behind from the beginning of the game.
  • Negative win rate against all junglers.

Xin Zhao- The feast or famine champion with little payoff

  • Falls off hard late game if he doesn’t get ahead.
  • Synergizes best with Trinity Force mythic, but has no clear itemization path afterward.
  • High risk and low reward with his feast or famine playstyle of going for early ganks.

Rengar – Itemization issues in lethality

  • With the disappearance of warrior items Rengar now has to itemize Flat AD before going lethality.
  • Healing based itemization with Gore Drinker forces Rengar to play for skirmishing instead of one-shotting.
  • Tanks can now out damage rengar while providing more utility to their team.
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