LoL: Winners And Losers Of Preseason 11 – ADC Edition

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LoL: Winners And Losers Of Preseason 11 – ADC Edition

The best of the bot lane carries!

Preseason has settled down and Riot doesn’t plan on making any big changes before Season 11. Get a head start on your competition by learning the meta and picking the champions that won the preseason.

S Tier – Champions that you should pick if they aren’t banned

The splash art for League of Legends champion Jhin with the High Noon Jhin skin on, showing a man in a mask and bandana aiming a rifle off a building

Jhin – One-Shot One-Kill

  • Oppressive laning phase.
  • Early power spike with Eclipse.
  • Has no bad matchups.

Samira – The best duo bot lane champion

  • Insane synergy with any CC support.
  • Massive outplay potential with lifesteal itemization.
  • Built-in windwall that blocks all projectiles.

Miss Fortune – Lethality and Movement Speed

  • Strong laning phase with W passive and Q poke.
  • Spikes earlier than auto-attack based crit champions.
  • Massive AOE ultimate for early game team fights.

A Tier – Champions that are strong, but require a little more work to pull off

The splash art for League of Legends champion Vayne with the Project Vayne skin on

Vayne- The quintessential Kraken Slayer user

  • Weaker lane phase compared to meta champs.
  • Massive powerspikes at Kranken Slayer and Rageblade.
  • Best tank shredder in the game.

Draven – The lane bully

  • One of the best lane bullies in bot lane especially with Hail of Blades.
  • Itemization flexibility with lethality builds and lifesteal builds.
  • Can get zoned out by poke and have trouble entering fights.
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Kai’sa – Teamfighting queen

  • Really strong follow-up on CC champions.
  • Struggles to lane against current meta ADCs.
  • High outplay potential with her ultimate and evolved E.

B Tier – Viable, but have less impact than higher tiers

Splash art for League of Legends champion Tristana, a Yordle with a rocket cannon and explosions behind her

Tristana – Feast or famine

  • Snowball hard or die trying.
  • Great at getting picks by herself.
  • Useless if she loses lane.

Ashe – Utility in the bot lane

  • AOE slow with her W and global vision with Hawkshot.
  • Hard CC ultimate.
  • Comes online later than meta ADCs.

Ezreal – Lots of fun

  • Long-range poke and mobility.
  • Weak lane phase with tear being mandatory.
  • Can fall behind and have trouble coming back.

Losers of the Preseason (Don’t play these champions)

League of Legends Aphelios crouching with a curved pistol and his ghost sister floating around him

Aphelios – 200 years of failure

  • Has no power spike with any Mythics.
  • Extremely low mobility.
  • Hard to play for little reward.

Caitlyn – The lane bully who gets bullied

  • Struggles to bully in lane.
  • Doesn’t spike well with Mythics.

Twitch – No items for the rat

  • Low item synergies with all Mythics.
  • Takes three items to become relevant.
  • AP itemization is better than AD itemization.
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Alex is a Rutgers University student studying Communication and primarily plays League of Legends in his free time. He is currently ranked Grandmaster as an ADC and his favorite champion is Ezreal. Alex has been following the competitive League of Legends scene since season 3 with his favorite region being the LCK.