LoL: Winner And Losers Of Preseason 11- Top Lane Edition

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LoL: Winner And Losers Of Preseason 11- Top Lane Edition

Which top laners should you be playing in the preseason?

Preseason has settled down and Riot doesn’t plan on making any big changes before Season 11. Get a head start on your competition by learning the meta and picking the champions that won the preseason.

S Tier – Champions that you should pick if they aren’t banned

Splash art of Odyssey Malphite with the champion towering as a mountian creature as he stands menacingly


Malphite – The rock in the top lane, a champion that is relatively easy to play and has a strong impact on the game.

  • Malphite is a tank that benefits from the Season 11 item changes, with more ability haste built into his items, he comes online much faster.
  • Point and click ultimate is easy to use and counters tons of champions with high mobility.
  • Scaling, compared to his peers Malphite is a tank that scales better into the late-game. Malphite’s armor and shields only increase in strength as the game goes on thanks to his synergizing passives.

Kayle – The hard carry that can’t be nerfed, if you want to hard carry from top lane, Kayle is your champ.

  • Kayle brings Ability Power to the table while being a ranged top laner that is hard to shutdown.
  • Items only enhance Kayle’s scaling as she scales with levels that evolve her champion's capabilities.
  • Kayle has been nerfed multiple times, but innate scaling and item synergies allow Kayle to maintain relevance in season 11.

Shen – Win games by influencing the map; Shen brings pressure to the game the moment he hits level six.

  • Global ultimate that can change the outcome of the game with a click of a button.
  • High utility, has a taunt, a shield from auto-attacks and a global shield that can act as a teleport.
  • Despite being a tank Shen has a strong presence in lane with a built-in shield and enhanced auto-attack damage. This allows Shen to win matchups and snowball his lane and win the game.
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A Tier – Champions that are strong, but require a little more work to pull off

The splash art of League of Legends champion Aatrox, with him crouching down and holding a massive glowing red sword

Aatrox – The quintessential Goredrinker abuser

  • Insane synergy with Goredrinker allows Aatrox to get in and deal massive amounts of damage while healing up back to full.
  • Has decent matchups across the board allowing him to be picked early on without worrying too much about counter picks.

Camille – High skill cap top laner for those who want to show off their mechanical prowess

  • Camille is a mechanical champion that takes a lot of skill to pull off, however, for those who can handle her, she has the ability to 1v9 games.
  • Capability to kill both tanks and squishies with built-in True Damage to her Q.
  • Synergizes well with champions due to her ultimate that lets her lockdown any target.

Maokai – A simple lockdown champion for those looking to bring utility from the top lane.

  • The extra damage addition to Sunfire in season 11 has allowed Maokai to trade better in matchups that used to be harder for him in the past.
  • The lockdown capability of his kit allows Maokai to negate the enemy carries and let his own teammates have room to work with.
  • Like Malphite, having added ability haste to abilities make Maokai come online faster and bring more to the table.

B Tier – Viable, but have less impact than higher tiers

The splash art for Royal Guard Fiora from League of Legends, with her holding her rapier upwards and a crowd behind her

Fiora – One v One queen, insane side lane splitter

  • Fiora is an extremely good side laner who can manage to outplay anyone with her outplay potential.
  • While considered a tank killer she currently struggles against meta picks who build Sunfire.
  • Synergizes well with new items along with the added ability to build grievous wounds from Chempunk Chainsword allowing her to one v one champions with heavy healing.
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Wukong – Strong champion that struggles in lane versus meta picks

  • Wukong is a beast outside of lane phase, with invisibility and two knock-ups he can make the game impossible to play for enemy carries.
  • While powerful, Wukong struggles against meta tanks and loses kill pressure as the tanks scale into mid-late game.
  • Needs to snowball lane to have an impact on the game.

Cho’Gath – Infinitely scaling tank that has good matchups into meta picks

  • Cho’Gath is a tank top that performs well into other tank top laners making him a good blind pick for top lane.
  • Lacks consistency compared to other top laners such as Shen or Malphite who both have point and click abilities to help their team win.
  • Infinite scaling on Cho’Gath’s ultimate allows his team to always have the better frontline in the late-game.

Losers of the Preseason (Don’t play these champions)

Splash art for League of Legends champion Gangplank, a pirate with an old pistol crushing an orange in his hand

Gangplank – The man crit items forgot about

  • Itemization towards Infinity Edge’s cost efficiency point is much harder for Gangplank to obtain, forcing him to go towards Attack Damage builds.
  • Comes online too late in the game to have any impact on the game’s outcome.
  • No longer hyper scales into the late-game due to Critical Strike changes.

Jayce – The lane bully that can’t beat tanks

  • Low outplay potential against tanks that lock him down.
  • Easily campable and provides little to his team when behind.
  • Weak itemization choices after his first two core items making him have trouble scaling.

Sett – The tank killer who has no itemization choices

  • No synergy with mythic items forces Sett to choose between lackluster builds.
  • Blade of the Ruined King second gives Sett decent side-laning but struggles in skirmishes outside of lane phase.
  • Due to itemizing towards tankier builds in the late game, Sett only has a small window in the early game where he outshines his counterparts.
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