LoL: Voyboy Joins FlyQuest As A Content Creator

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LoL: Voyboy Joins FlyQuest As A Content Creator

FlyQuest has made some mid-seasons moves. Though it’s not to their LCS roster but to their content creation team.

Former player and content creator Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani has joined the FlyQuest organization as part of their content creation team. Voyboy will work with FlyQuest to “showcase greatness this year through a variety of fun activities and a special summer quest.”

Voyboy spent most of his playing time at the LCS and Academy level, playing for CLG, Dignitas, and Team Curse. Most recently Voyboy made a return to the LCS stage with Delta Fox. Here, he was joined by former pros and streamers Dyrus, scarra, imaqtpie, and Shiphtur.

Showcasing greatness with Voyboy

Through this new partnership, FlyQuest will work with Voyboy to promote a number of important subjects and commercial opportunities alongside his regular streaming. FlyQuest notes that “He’s (Voyboy) a pillar of the streaming community and passionate about raising awareness around social issues (such as mental health). In Voyboy, we found a kindred spirit, someone who embodies the FlyQuest values of positivity, thoughtfulness, and generosity. “

Since leaving his competitive days behind him, Voyboy has become one of the most prominent voices in the LoL community. Most notably in 2020, he posted a video criticizing Riot Games for the state of the Soloq experience. One major criticism was the toxicity within the community. This is something he first brought to light back in 2018 to Riot Games directly.

Riot Games would go on to respond. However, most people who still actively play LoL online would argue that the company has done little to crack down on negative behavior. One of the few changes Riot has made to LoL is the pre-game/lobby report feature. While an important step, it doesn’t really help avoid toxic people, who can easily hold a lobby hostage rather than leaving themselves.

LoL: Voyboy Joins FlyQuest As A Content Creator
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