LoL: Uzi Has Officially Parted Ways With RNG

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LoL: Uzi Has Officially Parted Ways With RNG

Uzi has left RNG and joined a multi-channel network for streaming talent.

Legendary professional bot laner Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao has left the Royal Never Give Up organization. The world finalist has been with RNG off and on since 2012. He recently moved into a streaming role with an eye for returning to professional play.

Now Uzi has joined 小象大鹅, a multi-channel network that employs many other streamers in China.

Uzi’s retirement

Uzi announced his retirement from professional play in the spring of 2020 after months of dealing with health issues. He stepped down from the RNG starting roster at the start of 2020. But after complications, and the slow process of his recovery, stepping away from competing seemed like the best option.

Since then, Uzi has been streaming for RNG while focusing on his health. The six-time world championship participant has made his intentions to return to competition known since his retirement. While from the outside it looked as if he would return to RNG and make a comeback worthy of his legendary status, now that is less of a possibility.

RNG controversy

According to some reports, Uzi’s split from RNG was not as smooth as fans once thought. From a leaked post allegedly from Uzi’s partner, RNG may not have had the pro player’s best interests at heart.

Uzi was no longer under a player contract with the organization and had signed a streaming contract that limited him in terms of professional mobility. He was tasked with completing his streaming responsibilities first which may have inhibited his recovery and chances at competing for other teams.

Some fans may remember a similar situation that played out with Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo and Invictus Gaming before his move to Top Esports.

The takeaway from the whole ordeal is that Uzi is no longer under the thumb of RNG. If he does return to professional play, expect him under a new banner.

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