LoL: The New Star Guardian Skins Are Revealed

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LoL: The New Star Guardian Skins Are Revealed

With the arrival of Nilah, a new set of Star Guardian Skins will try and protect the Earth in one of the most popular skinlines.

Riot Games has just released the abilities for Nilah, the Joy Unbound, League of Legends’ newest ADC. With her release skin, Star Guardian Nilah, the rumored return of the alternate reality heroes is confirmed!

Only the first set of skins have been shown, but that still means six new outfits and a prestige skin for some of our favorite Champions! Ekko, Sona and Nilah will get Epic Tier SG-skins, Kai’Sa will get her first Legendary skin. Alongside Star Guardian Kai’Sa, Fiddlesticks will receive a sinister Star Nemesis skin to pose the threat to our heroes, and Ekko is the one to get the Prestige skin for this drop. The new Guardians look better than ever, with the community comparing the particle effects of Sona to a Legendary skin!

Star Guardian Nilah – 1350 RP

Star Guardian Skins Nilah Splash Art

Star Guardian Kai’Sa – 1850 RP

Star Guardian Sona – 1350 RP

Star Guardian Skins - Sona

Star Guardian Ekko – 1350 RP

Star Guardian Ekko Prestige – 2000 Event Tokens

Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks – 1350 RP

Star Guardian Fiddlesticks

There are also rumors about Star Guardian Rell, which would be the Iron Maiden’s second skin after her release one, and also Star Nemesis Morgana, who should be helping Fiddlesticks to make the Star Guardians’ life harder. The skins have already been released on the PBE, but as with any PBE content, they are subject to change.

LoL: The New Star Guardian Skins Are Revealed
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