LoL: The Discounted Skins and Champions of August 1-7

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LoL: The Discounted Skins and Champions of August 1-7

Riot Games treats League of Legends players to another set of Discounted Skins and champions.

Another week, another opportunity for League of Legends fans to get some alternate outfits for their favorite Champions! This week's set includes the last piece of the Porcelain skinline, as well as some popular skins for popular champions such as Spirit Blossom Vayne and Battle Boss Blitzcrank. Without further ado, here are this week's sales!


Renekton: -60% / 528 RP

541430 1

Jarvan IV: -55% / 484 RP

548315 1

Aphelios: -45 % / 439 RP

1053838 1

Akali: -50% / 395 RP


Twisted Fate: -55% / 322 RP

311260 1


Porcelain Protector Ezreal: -25% / 1350 RP

1202872 1

Worldbreaker Maokai: -30% / 944 RP

worldbreaker maokai splash art hd 7.1424

Spirit Blossom Vayne: -50% / 675 RP

spirit blossom vayne lol splash art hd 3.2284

Arctic Ops Gragas: -55% / 607 RP

arctic ops gragas

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao: -55% / 607 RP


Blood Moon Elise: -40% / 585 RP

blood moon elise

Barbarian Sion: -25% / 562 RP

barbarian sion

Battle Boss Blitzcrank: -60% / 540 RP

battle boss blitzcrank

Super Galaxy Kindred: -60% / 540 RP

super galaxy kindred

Jade Fang Cassiopeia: -45% / 536 RP

jade fang cassio

Darkflame Shyvana: -50% / 487 RP

dino gnar

Dino Gnar: -50% / 487 RP

darkflame shyvana

Warlord Shen: -60% / 390 RP

warlord shen

Temple Jax: -50% / 375 RP

temple jax

The first thing that should stick out is that only one skin of a recent line is available for less Riot Points. But Porcelain Protector Ezreal is a Legendary Tier skin, so it’s no surprise. And we got some pretty gnarly outfits such as Blood Moon Elise, Darkflame Shyvana and Worldbreaker Maokai, and the cheaper ones, like Temple Jax and Warlord Shen are great as well. Get them while the sale lasts!

LoL: The Discounted Skins and Champions of August 1-7
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