LoL: SK Gaming Replaces Jesiz With Lilipp On LEC Starting Roster

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LoL: SK Gaming Replaces Jesiz With Lilipp On LEC Starting Roster

SK Gaming struggled in the first two weeks of the LEC Summer Split, so it was time for some changes.

Jesse “Jesiz” Le will step down from the Support role of SK Gaming, SK Gaming Prime Support Philipp “Lilipp” Englert will take his place. The team announced the decision on their Twitter page after going 0-5 in the first two weeks of the LEC. The official statements reads:

“Today we would like to inform you that Jesse ‘Jesiz' Le will be returning to the LEC head coach position with immediate effect. Coming from our SK Prime team, Philipp ‘Lilipp' Englert will be stepping up and taking over as LEC Support player.

While the prior changes we mad had the desired effect of improving the team’s early game playstyle, we have been lacking in other areas of the game while not having Jesse in a role where we can utilize his contributions to the team in the best way possible.

Philipp is already practicing with the team in Berlin and is excited to make his LEC debut. We hope that everyone can support him as much as possible this split, as well as the rest of our roster!”

SK Gaming has struggled to get a win since the start of the LEC Summer Split. They put up good fights against FC Schalke 04, Misfits Gaming and Astralis, leading in gold for the majority of the games, they struggled to seal the deal in each of the matches.

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Jesiz had subpar performances in all of the matches, even though he’s just filling in for Erik “Treatz” Wessén, who transitioned to the jungle role after spring. He has the lowest number of average assists across the League, while also having the second-lowest kill participation. He’s by no means a bad support, but he’s definitely a better coach.

The new Support of SK

But SK Gaming gets a solid player in the bot lane next to Jean “Jezu” Massol. While Lilipp doesn’t have many outstanding stats, he is a true playmaker. With Thresh being his most played champion since Season 9, he won five of his seven played matches in Prime League Summer Split with SK Prime.

Lilipp makes his debut in the LEC with SK Gaming on June 25, in the match against Spring Champions MAD Lions. Hopefully, SK can find some wins after their catastrophic start.

LoL: SK Gaming Replaces Jesiz With Lilipp On LEC Starting Roster
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