LoL: Schalke 04 Reported To Be Considering Selling LEC Spot

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LoL: Schalke 04 Reported To Be Considering Selling LEC Spot

FC Schalke 04, the German football club that owns the Schalke 04 LEC team is reportedly looking to sell their LEC spot amid financial issues at the football club.

Schalke 04 has been in the LEC for what feels like forever, and they’ve become a popular side in the process. After their near-miracle run in 2020, Schalke has been a side that embodied resilience and hope. Sadly, it seems, through no fault of their own the LEC team’s spot could be up for sale. This comes after the owners of the organization, FC Schalke 04, show their struggles under COVID financial hurt and hardships in their own league.

For some footballing (soccer) context, FC Schalke 04, who plays in the German top league the Bundesliga are, to put it mildly, struggling. The team sits rock bottom of the league with just nine points, with the closest side above them eight points better off. With just 12 games left to play in the season, Schalke 04 could be doomed to be relegated. Given the current pandemic, Schalke is also losing millions in lost ticket sales, which has led to them looking to sell the LEC spot.

Schalke 04’s five-year stay in the LEC could be over

First reported by Paul Arrivé at French outlet L’Equipe, sources speculate that the LEC slot could be up for around €20 million ($24 million). The sale would see Schalke 04 net a 100% profit on their initial investment from five years ago, plus the benefit of saving money on the day-to-day running costs of an esports side.

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No real links to who might buy the spot have surfaced at this time, however, one of the many French LPL sides could look to move into the spot and propel themselves into the LEC. A move that would mirror that on MAD Lions at the start of 2020.

Update: Schalke 04 Esports released a statement regarding the rumors. It confirms that the possibility of the team having to sell the spot, but that no option has been decided on and is a last resort.

LoL: Schalke 04 Reported To Be Considering Selling LEC Spot
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