LoL: Riot Games Releases Issue 3 of the Lux Comic Series

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LoL: Riot Games Releases Issue 3 of the Lux Comic Series

Lux is stuck between a rock and a magical hard place in the third issue of Riot Games' collaborative series with comic-giant Marvel.

Riot Games released the third issue of the Lux comic series today, focusing on the dangers and troubles that Lux faces inside Demacia. The cover hints at the comic's story, as Garen and Sylas face off against one another as Lux looks on.


While we won’t spoil the plot points of the third comic here, we can tell you it’s a great read. The comic follows Lux as she attempts to rescue Sylas, who has been imprisoned and is set for execution due to his magical abilities.

So far, Riot’s collaboration with Marvel has been a fantastic addition to the underrated lore of one of the most popular MOBA games of all time. Issues one through three are available to read on the official League of Legends website.

While the comics are short affairs, any look inside the lore of League of Legends is a welcome addition to a game that continues to pull in some of the most impressive numbers in video games.

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