LoL Patch 14.3 Notes: Every Champion Nerf and Buff

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LoL Patch 14.3 Notes: Every Champion Nerf and Buff

Which changes are you most excited about in this latest patch?

LoL Patch 14.3 notes will introduce various changes to League of Legends. Riot is continuing to make adjustments to items that are currently making Assassins extremely broken, along with giving some champions who were hit hard by removed items some loved.

ESTNN is here to dive into the key points of the latest League of Legends patch notes. For item changes, ESTNN will be covering this in a separate article. For the full patch notes, please refer to this League of Legends article here.

Every Champion Change in LoL Patch 14.3

League of Legends' Patch 14.3 will see 23 champions buffed, nerfed or adjusted. ESTNN is here to breakdown what changed to each of the champions listed below.

Aurelion Sol

  • A'Sol has been hit drastically by the removal of Crown of The Shattered Queen and the removal of mana from Liandries. Therefore, A'Sol players suffer from the amount of mana they must preserve. To balance this, Riot is adjusting Aurelion Sol's mana cost on both his Q – Breath of Light and his W – Astral Flight. Q: Mana Cost per Second: 45/50/55/60/65 > 30/35/40/45/50. W: Mana Cost: 80/85/90/95/100 > 50/55/60/65/70


  • Azir is in a good spot right now, to the detest of competitive watchers who are bored to death of the Champion. Azir's primary rune is now Fleet Footwork as his soldiers now apply on-hit damage. Riot believes Azir's newly found sustainability has meant he has been almost impossible to push out of lane. In patch 14.3, Azirs Base Health Regeneration will decrease from 7 > 5.


  • Brand is one of the strongest champions in the game right now. Brand's jungle clear speed ranks amongst the best in his role and benefits greatly from Liandrys and champions having more health this season. To counteract how much of a monster Brand is in the early game, Riot is decreasing his Damage To Monsters Modifier from 220% > 200%.


  • The second half of the “Corki vs Azir” matchup that has plagued competitive play for the longest time. Corki, according to Riot, is receiving some much-needed nerfs in patch 14.3. Riot acknowledges the community for their interesting builds, but these interactions often come with bugs that Riot needs to tackle quickly. On top of that, Corki's Passive will receive a substantial duration reduction from 60 seconds > to 45 seconds. Corkis Ultimate has received a slight item interaction nerf. Malignance will no longer count toward Eclipse’s passive.
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  • Ezreal's buffs shot the ADC too far in the other direction Riot hoped for. To counter the overbuffing he received, Ezreal is receiving a Nerf, but his core items are getting a buff. These changes should push Ezreal above the state he was in for patch 14.1 but not as strong as in 14.2.


  • As mentioned in previous patch notes articles, Illaoi has not had the best time in Season 14. The changes to the terrain have left Illaoi in a poor state. In Patch 14.3, Illaoi's passive range will be increased from 800 > 925. To not make the Passive too oppressive, Riot is decreasing the Tentacle Damage from 10-180 (based on level) (+120% AD) (+40% AP) > 9-162 (based on level) (+115% AD) (+40% AP).


  • Riot believes Karma is in too good of a spot due to her ability to flex between multiple roles. With the power she gains from Malignance, Karma is too strong right now with the cooldown on her ultimate. In 14.3, Karma will receive nerfs to her ult.


  • Lillia is also in a very good spot since the start of Season 14. Lillia is tankier than ever, so Riot has to dial back in other areas to ensure she isn't overpowered. Patch 14.3 sees Lillia's late-game damage decrease.


  • Riot believes removing Mythic items has made Maokai the strongest support in the game. And while he will still be useable in the top and jungle roles, Riot is dialing back on the aspects that make Maokai such a strong pick.


  • Nidalee was one of the unfortunate recipients of the item changes in S14. While Nidalee's damage is still high, she has no way of being relevant due to her lack of health – which she received from her first two items. Although Riot is not directly addressing the missing durability issue head-on, Nidalee will see her heal increase to stay on the map longer.


  • Pyke suffered drastically from patches 14.1 and 14.2 to the point where he is unplayable. To help Pyke out, Riot is giving him some early-game durability buffs with improvements made to his abilities.


  • Rengar has reacted well to the item changes in Season 14. To the point where he is too strong with a few kills under his belt. Rengar will see his base health decrease from 620 > 590 and his Q damage decrease.
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  • Shaco has been primarily placed in the bottom lane, and has performed relatively well. Conversely, Riot would prefer Shaco to be a menace in the jungle and not in the support position. In patch 14.3, Shaco will see his mana regeneration growth decrease, his W mana cost decrease, bonus damage to monsters increase, and his Ultimate quality of life change.


  • Riot does not want AP Shyvana to fade into the sunset due to the removal of Night Harvester. Therefore, Shyvana receives some much-needed buffs to ensure her Ability Power build is still viable. Empowered Attack Bonus Damage: 100% AD (+35% AP) > 100% AD (+50% AP). Bonus Movement Speed: 30/35/40/45/50% (+0.08% AP) > 30/35/40/45/50% (+0.12% AP).


  • Taliyah was a prominent champion in Season 13 but has been unable to find her footing thus far due to the loss of access to Ability Haste, according to Riot. Riot is not only addressing this issue but also making Taliyah much stronger in the early game.


  • Teemo is receiving a simple quality-of-life change to his Q, Blinding Dart. In the past, Teemo has still been able to receive damage from an auto-attack after the blind was applied. Patch 14.3 will see Teemo's Q apply immediately.


  • Trundle has been in a good spot since the back of Season 13. Trundle shines in the mid-game with the increased power he receives from Trinity Force. In patch 14.3, Riot is dialing back on the Troll's early-game strength, decreasing his base health and Q damage.


  • Like Teemo, Twitch receives some quality-of-life changes, specifically in his E ability. When players use Twitches E at the same time his poison passive expires, enemy players will now take damage based on the number of stacks they had when the poison expired.


  • Despite being one of the strongest junglers throughout season 13, Wukong is not in a good spot. With Wukong potentially moving back into the top lane, Riot is adjusting his Q range, allowing him to fight safely from a distance. Wukong's Q physical damage will also see a buff in this patch.


  • With the item changes, Yorick is returning to his bruiser build for Season 14. The problem for Yorick recently, despite primarily being a split-pusher, is that he is unable to frontline for his team as he should be able to do. Riot is adjusting to make Yorick a more durable champion while adding a new change to his Summon passive.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest League of Legends news and updates. If you are interested in when each patch will go live, please follow our patch schedule article here.

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