LoL Patch 14.3 Early Notes: Every Champion Buff and Nerf

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LoL Patch 14.3 Early Notes: Every Champion Buff and Nerf

Which changes are you most excited about in LoL Patch 14.3?

Although LoL Patch 14.3 will not be released until February 7, Riot Games often likes to release early patch notes to let the community know what is in store for the upcoming patch. On top of this, League of Legends data miners have consistently uploaded early patch notes coming to the PBE (Public Beta Environment). ESTNN is here to bring you all of the important information that is known so far ahead of LoL Patch 14.3's release.

Riot Phroxzon Shares Early Patch Notes

As has been the case for the longest time, Riot, specifically Riot Phroxzon, likes to give the community a little insight into the upcoming League of Legends patch. Phroxzon will elaborate on why specific changes are being made to add to the level of transparency. Here is everything Riot Phroxzon discussed in their early LoL Patch 14.3 notes:

Burst Damage:

For all of the ADC players complaining about the time it takes them to get killed by an Assassin, this one is for you. In League of Legends patch 14.2, Riot has been dialing back on specific items that have contributed to the amount of burst damage in the game, specifically Bloodsong and Stormsurge. For patch 14.3, Riot continues to pull back on the amount of burst damage. According to Phroxzon, compared to 13.24, classes are surviving 0-1s longer in the average combat scenario.

While overall, this is positive, Marksmen in the bottom lane have been dying a little faster. Still, every other role has been more durable. Phroxzon stated that for some items, the burst damage reduction would be added back to the AP, which can then be interpreted by the champion's ratios. For other items, the burst damage reduction will be a straight nerf.

Systemic Proc Nerfs

As you can tell already, Ability Power has been in an overpowered state since the start of Season 14. While items such as ROA, Ludens etc were in need of some tweaking, Riot did not feel comfortable tinkering with these changes while AP burst damage was in its overpowered stage. Now that those changes to burst damage seem to have been corrected, according to Phroxzon, Riot feels comfortable moving forward with the changes to several AP items. “Our philosophy is that some procs should scale with level/ratios, if it's important that they stay relevant with game time/AR/MR growth, but otherwise, they should be flat damage and fall off” – Riot Phroxzon

LoL Patch 14.3 Champion Nerfs and Buffs

While these changes are subject to change since they are currently being tested on the PBE server, Phroxzon has released the list of champion buffs and nerfs coming to LoL Patch 14.3. Phroxzon is targetting champions that have been strong for a while, specifically naming Trundle who has been a force to be reckoned with since the item changes at the start of Season 14. Riot is also targetting champions who have percentage max hp based on how much health they have. In competitive, Champions such as Azir and Karma have become too popular since their buffs and will be brought back down to earth. As for buffs, they mainly focus on the Champions who are considered extremely weak. Phroxzon also noted in the recommended build section of the shop that champions are being advised of the wrong items, such as Zeri. Therefore, Riot is updating the recommendations to ensure players are told to build more appropriate items. Here are all the champions being buffed and nerfed in patch 14.3:


  • Nidalee
  • Pyke
  • Wukong
  • Zeri
  • Ziggs


  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Karma
  • Lillia
  • Trundle
  • Rengar

Champion Adjustments:

  • A'Sol
  • Yorick
  • Corki
  • Illaoi
  • Maokai
  • Zyra
  • Shaco

If you are interested in what exactly those changes could be, Reddit user u/FrankTheBoxMonster has posted the current PBE data mine for the upcoming 14.3 patch on Reddit.

Please note these early patch notes are subject to change and may not reflect the released patch notes scheduled for February 7.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest League of Legends news and updates. To find out when the latest League of Legends patch is, check out our patch notes schedule article here.

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