LoL: New Shockblade Skin Surge to Summoner’s Rift

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LoL: New Shockblade Skin Surge to Summoner’s Rift

Along with the trio comes the long-awaited Firelight Ekko and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition skin.

Riot Games unveiled the next few skins to be added to League of Legends;showing off new Shockblade skins since the release of Shockblade Zed back in 2012.
Shockblade Shen and Qiyana

Next to the new Qiyana, Shen and Kassadin looks we will finally get an updated version of Firelight Ekko from the hit show Arcane. Plus a new Prestige version of Xayah’s Brave Phoenix skin.

Riot expressed their plans about revisiting old skinlines during the Preseason update show. After which a poll took place in which players could decide if the want new Arclight, Infernal or Goth skin. But the developers had some other plans in mind and with the new skins they really caught lightning in a bottle (literally in the case of Kassadin). Shockblade Qiyana, Shen and Kassadin look seriously cool, and should be hitting live servers in a few weeks.

Shockblade Kassadin

A new Prestige skin is also slated for addition to the game. This time one of the newest additions to the Phoenix-skinline, Xayah gets a glowup. But one of the biggest surprises of the reveal was the confirmation of the long-awaited Firelight Ekko release! Riot showed the skin off a while back; but got some negative feedback from the community and decided to work a bit more on the Boy-Genius of Zaun. Touching up his model and giving a bit more effects for his abilities. After all, Firelight Ekko is a full-priced skin at 1350 RP, such as the new Shockblade outfits. They hit their mark perfectly though, because the Leader of the Firelights looks better than anticipated!

All of the skins will be arriving on the PBE shortly!

LoL: New Shockblade Skin Surge to Summoner’s Rift
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