LoL: MSI 2022 Day Four Group Stage Recap

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LoL: MSI 2022 Day Four Group Stage Recap

MSI 2022 Day Four brings us around to full Group play days. Today we get a closer look at Group B.

Day Four started with news that RNG would need to replay all of their matches thus far. Due to an issue with ping due to the side playing their gamers in China, and not at the live venue. Prior to Day, Four RNG had a 3-0 record, all games will be replayed prior to May 15th (the final day of Group Stage). You can see Riot Games' full statement here.



msi 2022 day 4 PSG RED

An objective-focused first 10-minutes saw first blood go over to PSG, as RED secured the Rift Herald. PSG remained ahead on kills into the 15-minute mark, however, the gold lead remained even. The game remained objective-focused, with 22-minutes now on the clock, only four kills had been secured. RED had regained the gold lead, as they looked to claim a third Drake. While RED secured the Drake, PSG claimed the team fight ace and a Baron. PSG moved to 4k ahead, however, they failed to make the most of Baron, only seeing a 1k power play secured. While RED's map control had been great all game, PSG's team fighting was always better. PSG won another team fight ace to claim another MSI victory.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: PSG – RED
  • Time: 27:37
  • Kills: 14-1
  • Turrets: 5-4
  • Gold: 50.9k – 44.1k
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 1-0

MSI – RNG v Wildcats

msi 2022 day 4 RNG IW

IW tried to make a 2v2 play on the bot side, but it ends in disaster as they hand two kills over to RNG. RNG pulled the trigger on a play on the bot side and claim three kills for their trouble. Moving to 3k ahead at just 8-minutes into the game. With not even 10-minutes on the clock, with a 3k lead secured, IW looked out of ideas. RNG forced a play top-side again, and while it looked good, IW turned it around. While the lead was still in favor of RNG, IW was staying within touching distance. Despite IW's best efforts to win a fight at 20-minutes, RNG just had too much for IW to deal with. RNG cracked open the IW base as they moved to 10k ahead. RNG wins another team fight, this time it's enough to secure the win as RNG secure their first win of MSI 2022 (again).

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Quick Stats:

  • Teams: RNG – IW
  • Time: 23:10
  • Kills: 29-11
  • Turrets: 10-0
  • Gold: 52.7k – 38.8k
  • Dragons: 3-0
  • Barons:0-0


MSI – Wildcats v PSG

msi 2022 day 4 PSG IW


First blood is secured by IW, as they look to stay alive in MSI. PSG found a way back into the game, picking up key kills across the Rift. However, the gold lead remained tied up at the 11-minute mark. The back-and-forth of the game continues, as both sides chunk each other. At 16-minutes, IW finally looked to gain some momentum in the mid-lane, picking up four massive kills as the lead swung back to them. With Baron up, but unclaimed, IW maintained their 2k lead but the game had started to get scrappy. At the 25-minute mark, IW tried to force a Baron play but PSG sussed it out. PSG picked up two kills and moved towards the Baron themselves. PSG claim the Baron as IW conceded the objective and their lead. Baron was enough for PSG to look to the end, with their map pressure proving too much for IW to handle. With Baron having warn off, PSG was able to secure the victory regardless.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: IW – PSG
  • Time: 32:51
  • Kills: 16-16
  • Turrets: 3-7
  • Gold: 54.2k – 60.1k
  • Dragons: 2-3
  • Barons: 0-1

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msi 2022 day 4 RED RNG

RNG managed to claim the first blood before RED gained one back on the bot-side. RNG maintained their lead into the 13-minute mark, as they look to stay on their winning run. Minutes later, a mid-late fight saw RNG cement their lead as they picked up two more kills and a 5k lead. RNG kept up the pressure, claiming an ace and a Penta Kill as they moved to 10k ahead. RNG win another fight, as they found themselves inside the RED base as they secure a second victory of the day.

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Quick Stats:

  • Teams: RED – RNG
  • Time: 20:28
  • Kills: 3-20
  • Turrets: 1-7
  • Gold: 29.6k – 43.7k 
  • Dragons: 0-3
  • Barons: 0-0


MSI – RED v Wildcats

msi 2022 day 4 RED IW

RED claimed first blood, as they desperately look to stay in contention for the Rumble Stage spots. It's not a good start to the game IW, with just 15-minutes on the clock they found themselves 8k behind. While IW managed to pick up two kills by the time Baron spawned. RED had amassed a 12k lead as the game looked all but over. With Baron buff up, RED chooses to ignore it and surge into the IW base. With a 10k deficit, IW somehow managed to hold their base despite Super Minions flowing into their base. As members of RED respawning, they're able to secure victory as they keep their MSI 2022 dream alive.


Quick Stats:

  • Teams: RED – IW
  • Time: 29:53
  • Kills: 26-8
  • Turrets: 11-3
  • Gold: 56.6k – 49.2k
  • Dragons: 2-1
  • Barons: 0-0



msi 2022 day 4 PSG RNG

First blood secured by RNG, as they look to keep the winning streak going. PSG quickly fired back, though they remained behind, they matched RNG for kills. By the 13-minute mark, RNG had kept up a 1k lead, though PSG remained in the game. With Baron on the map, PSG remained well in the match. With 23-minutes on the clock, the two sides remained locked in at 38k gold apiece. PSG looked to secure a Baron, but did so by risking the 50/50. In typical fashion, RNG stole it away as PSG blow a chance to secure the game. With the stolen Baron, RNG storm into the PSG base, however, they secure an ace to keep their base alive. RNG held a 5k lead after the Baron play at the 32-minute mark. With resets across the map, RNG did manage to secure the win at the second time of asking, as they remain unbeaten.


Quick Stats:

  • Teams: PSG – RNG 
  • Time: 33:24
  • Kills: 14-14
  • Turrets: 2-11
  • Gold: 59.5k – 66.3k 
  • Dragons: 1-4
  • Barons: 0-2
LoL: MSI 2022 Day Four Group Stage Recap
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