LoL: LNG Esports vs Gen.G Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

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LoL: LNG Esports vs Gen.G Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

It’s our next Play-ins side in the form of LNG vs Gen.G, one of the most consistent rosters in LoL Esports. Can LNG remain unbeaten, or will the Group Stage prove a step too far?

LNG Esports vs Gen.G

A screenshot from the 2021 World Championship Main Event Group Stage broadcast, showing the champion drafts between Gen.G and LNG Esports with a shot of the LNG LoL team on the Worlds 2021 stage above.

To start off on the right foot, GEN was able to pick up First Blood without any punishment coming in return. While it was only a small lead early, it brought Rascal back into contention with the farm on the top side, as he was in an early deficit to Alie. It’s a 1v1 next for GEN for another kill as the momentum started to build. Finally, LNG managed to get on the board at the 11-minute mark, picking up a kill onto Ale. But at the same time, GEN secured their second drake.

After this, the game quieted down on kills, but GEN made great use of a Rift Herald, taking it all the way to an LNG Inhibitor turret. GEN then picked up their third drake, as the Soul win condition opened up. When the drake reared its head, it was not only the Infernal Soul but also an Ace going the way of GEN. After a quiet middle period of the match, it all sprung into life when it counted most. In the aftermath of this fight, it didn't take long for GEN to run down the LNG base and take their Nexus.

GEN was dominant and methodic in their approach to the game from start to finish. With this win, LNG loses their unbeaten streak. However, they’ll be able to dust themselves off and move on tomorrow. As for GEN, they showed why they’re a team to fear, as they continued the LCK's 100% win rate on Day One.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: LNG - GEN
  • Time: 23:35
  • Kills: 1-8
  • Turrets: 3-8
  • Gold: 37k - 42.9k
  • Dragons: 0-4
  • Barons: 0-0