LoL Live Orchestra Announced

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LoL Live Orchestra Announced

April 2 to 3 will see the KBS Symphony Orchestra perform the music from our favorite game in League of Legends Live: The Orchestra.

It will be a very different LoL as the KBS Symphony Orchestra performs live orchestrated versions of the biggest songs and themes from the game. The weekend concert will be held at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, South Korea. The event was originally slated to be held on November 27-28, 2020. But was later rescheduled due to developments connected to the Covid-19 scare in South Korea.

The 60-member KBS Symphony Orchestra, directed by Lee Byung Wook, is one of the most famous orchestras in South Korea. Since being founded in 1958, the orchestra has performed music from around the world, but this is the very first time that they will play video game music.

The concert will feature a multi-media production. With scenes from the game projected on-screen while songs like “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons are performed by the orchestra. It will also be the first show presented by Riot Games. As well as the very first game-featured performance at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts.

Tickets start from 20,000 won ($17.68 USD) to 60,000 won ($53.05 USD). With VIP tickets costing 70,000 won ($61.89 USD). While currently confirmed, the concert dates are subject to change, due to any safety issues surrounding Covid-19 that may still arise.

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