LoL: LEC Reveals The Community All-Pro Team For Spring 2021

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LoL: LEC Reveals The Community All-Pro Team For Spring 2021

To the surprise of those who watched the entire split, but not those that know a thing or two about Community polls. The LEC has revealed that the G2 Esports roster is the All-Pro lineup.

In what should be a shock to many, but probably something many expected, G2 Esports’ starting roster has been awarded the All-Pro award for the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

Of course, like with the MVP and Coaching Team award, this is based on the regular season. So, the side that ended up first was likely to feature heavily. Members of Rogue, MAD Lions, and other standout performers will probably feel hard done by. Though, as this is a community vote, and thus a popularity contest, the most popular players tend to win.

The full rosters for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are as follows:

The All-Pro roster:

  • Top: Wunder
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • MID: Caps
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Mikyx

The Second Place All-Pro roster:

  • Top: Odoamne
  • Jungle: Inspired
  • MID: Larssen
  • ADC: Hans Sama
  • Support: Hylissang

The Third Place All-Pro roster:

  • Top: Bwipo
  • Jungle: Elyoya
  • MID: Humanoid
  • ADC: Upset
  • Support: Kaiser

Other awards given ahead of the Grand Final saw Rekkles awarded the Spring Split MVP. While Rogue’s coaching team took home the Coaching Team of the Split award.

Despite their loss in the playoffs, G2 Esports’ roster did perform at a top-level in the regular split. While some may have rather seen other players make the spot, it is hard to argue against G2’s players making the All-Pro. Especially when we consider the context that this is based on the regular season only.

A new king of Europe

Though they won the All-Pro, and MVP award, G2 Esports’ roster won’t be lifting a title this spring. With Rogue and MAD Lions heading into the Grand Final, we’ll see the final not featuring Fnatic or G2 Esports for the first time in European LoL history. The final will also see a first new title winner since Summer 2014 when Alliance beat Fnatic.

Currently, G2 Esports leads the all-time top list with eight LEC/EULCS titles, while Fnatic sits second with seven.

LoL: LEC Reveals The Community All-Pro Team For Spring 2021
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