LoL: LCS Showcases New Studio

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LoL: LCS Showcases New Studio

LCS unveils a new studio for the Mid-Season Showdown, featuring more possibilities for a versatile broadcast.

The LCS announced a new analyst studio set to be used for the Mid-Season Showdown featuring the all-new State Farm Analyst Desk. This also marks the first time the LCS will use the LCS Arena since Spring 2020. According to a press release the new analyst desk “was made to flex between remote and IRL broadcasting and make both on-site and remote segments more dynamic.”

New look, same show

The new LCS set will include new sections with modular screens for different segments, interviews and the State Farm Analyst Desk. “The new set will also help bring to life LCS’ branding through themes, textures, and on-set and in-broadcast graphics and fonts,” claims Riot Games. This feels like the change many LCS fans were looking for, to bring the North American broadcast more in-line with their European counterpart.

The LCS studio in Los Angeles, California with the LCS logo on one of the walls, with sharp blue and gray designs . A State Farm logo is on a monitor as well.

The specs for the new LCS studio:

  • Pixels upon pixels: 4,336,640 pixels across more than 4,100 square feet.
  • Long wall: Made up of eight, seamless 55-inch LCD monitors, the set’s centerpiece is the perfect backdrop for full team takeovers, long-form storytelling, and segments featuring multiple analysts.
  • Three-monitor wall: This setup features three, 98-inch LCD monitors that enable hosts to patch in remote guests…but BIGGER. Each full screen can extend from the wall, tilt, move side to side and rotate from portrait to landscape, providing for multiple camera shots and fresh content.
  • L-wall: This modular platform can be moved on and off the set, allowing for compelling segments and distinct interviews.
  • Corner wall: This area serves as a natural transition from the long wall, to the three-monitor wall, back to our long wall. It can also be used as a simple backdrop for quick segments or standups.
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You can witness the new LCS studio in all its glory throughout the MSS leading up all the way to the finals weekend being held in the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

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