LoL: Karmine Corp Signs Rekkles For 2022 Season

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LoL: Karmine Corp Signs Rekkles For 2022 Season

The European superstar is taking a step down from the LEC for a while.

The rumor mill has been abuzz lately with free agency beginning. After it was confirmed that multiple members of G2 Esports would be leaving after a disappointing 2021 season, it seemed that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson's fate was largely unknown. That was until tonight, when French organization Karmine Corp announced his signing on Twitter.

Rekkles has been a staple of European LoL for years now. He was a part of a number of teams since his introduction to pro but was an integral part of Fnatic for over five years. At the end of last season, he made the jump to long-time competitors G2 Esports, hoping to find another trip to the World Championship Finals with them. However, things didn't go as planned. The team had clear problems and couldn't even make it through the LEC Playoffs to claim a spot at Worlds.

Now he'll be playing with a new team in the LFL. For those who aren't aware, the LFL is the French regional league and a part of the European Masters circuit. Many fans may not have expected someone of his caliber to drop down to a regional league and it is indeed surprising. Though with his price tag and the number of high-quality ADC's in the league, it's not all too surprising to see teams hesitate on picking him up.

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While he won't be competing for an LEC or Worlds title next year, seeing Rekkles in the LFL will be interesting in itself. He'll be a huge boon for the team and should have fans ecstatic. And after a lackluster season, it'll be great to watch him likely dominate the league and show us why he's one of the greats.

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