LoL: Hanwha Life vs PSG Talon – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

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LoL: Hanwha Life vs PSG Talon – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

Kicking off the day is a rematch between Hanwha Life and PSG Talon, both of whom are in closest contention for second place in Group C!

Hanwha Life Esports vs PSG Talon

A screenshot from the 2021 World Championship Main Event Group Stage broadcast, showing the champion drafts between Hanwha Life and PSG Talon with a shot of HLE and PSG on the Worlds 2021 stage above.

In a match that could be a deciding factor in who gets second in the group, it was HLE who came out swinging. At six minutes, the bot side of the map joined up with Willer in the river, where they forced a fight onto PSG. Here, HLE found a great start by picking up two quick kills, including the First Blood. After this, HLE immediately went and claimed their first dragon of the game, then waited five minutes and took a second. PSG tried to respond later by taking the Rift Herald but HLE even stole that away, which helped them knock down the mid tower too.

PSG couldn't seem to find a way into the game, and HLE was perfectly happy making all the moves. At 16 minutes, HLE already had a 4k gold lead with only the two kills. When the 17-minute mark rolled around, HLE slew a third dragon then turned for the fight on the contesting PSG. As expected, HLE ran through PSG, killing three while only losing one. The next fight broke out around the Baron soon after it spawned, and once again, HLE secured not only two kills, but the Baron buff as well.

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While HLE couldn't do lethal damage with the Baron, it did help them get one kill and their fourth dragon, giving them Cloud Soul. The game stalled for a few minutes as HLE played smart and didn't opt into any unnecessary fights, until the second Baron spawned. Without issue, HLE picked the buff up and made for the base. But a bottom lane team fight erupted and it was utter domination for HLE. PSG weren't able to even get one kill, and after HLE Ace'd them, HLE had an easy time strolling into the PSG base and destroying the Nexus.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: HLE-PSG
  • Time: 29:54
  • Kills: 15-2
  • Turrets: 9-3
  • Gold: 61.4k-45.4k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 2-0
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