LoL: Griffin Ends Almost Four-year Run With CLG

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LoL: Griffin Ends Almost Four-year Run With CLG

Counter Logic Gaming has decided to finally part ways with its long-time jungler.

Raymond “Griffin” Griffin, formerly known as Wiggily, has been removed from CLG’s League of Legends roster. In his almost four-year stay with the organization, Griffin played for both CLG and CLG Academy. He spent more time with them than any other player.

Griffin started out as a jungler for Cloud9 Academy in the 2018 North American Academy League Spring Split. He then spent the next year with CLG Academy. He debuted for CLG in week nine of the LCS.

Much of Griffin’s performance with CLG was unimpressive before the 2019 LCS Summer Split. His spotless performance here almost won him the MVP award and helped CLG finish third in the 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs.

The team, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the World Championship.

After a lackluster season in 2020, Griffin was set to be replaced on the CLG roster by Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen and return to play for CLG Academy, but Broxah’s problems with his visa prevented him from joining the team. Thus, Griffin was able to play in the LCS again. By this time he had done away with his Wiggily moniker and was just known by his surname.

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Griffin’s place on CLG Academy was taken by Ryan “Keel” Keel. But even after Broxah had arrived and taken his place in the CLG roster, Keel kept Griffin’s position in CLG Academy. He started for CLG Academy in the 2021 LCS Proving Grounds Spring Last Chance Qualifier. CLG announced Griffin’s release a day later.

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