LoL: Gen.G vs Team Liquid – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

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LoL: Gen.G vs Team Liquid – Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

The battle for supremacy in Group D rages on!

Gen.G vs Team Liquid

A screenshot from the 2021 World Championship Main Event Group Stage broadcast, showing the champion drafts between Gen.G and Team Liquid with a shot of TL jungler Santorin above.

From draft, it was clear how both teams wanted to play this game. GEN had the wombo-combo bot lane while TL had the strong Jax counter pick top. However, it was Clid who made the first move top, where he ganked at level two to kill Alphari for First Blood. TL answered back with a pick onto Life a couple of minutes later, but GEN started to ramp up the pressure. They won a mid lane skirmish one-for-zero in kills, and though TL got one back by killing Burdol, GEN went bot lane at eight minutes to grab two more kills and the First Tower bonus.

Moving into the mid game, GEN started pulling ahead more and more. At 13 minutes, they pulled the trigger on two decisive plays. In the top lane, GEN started a team fight, which ended up going four-for-two in GEN's favor, and when Tactical tried to Teleport there to help his team, he was solo killed by Ruler. After this, GEN propelled forward, taking towers and objectives, even cracking open the mid Inhibitor tower. But this is where they made their mistake. Instead of simply destroying the mid Inhibitor, GEN went for an unnecessary dive bot lane. Here, TL fully capitalized on the GEN overaggression and won the ensuing team fight four-for-one in kills.

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With this crucial fight, TL stayed in the game that previously looked pretty doomed. At this point, the teams were closer to even and it was all up to TL to force their way back in. They tried on multiple occasions, as there were a few dragon and Baron fights, but GEN always stayed one step ahead of them. To be fair though, TL managed to defend their base time and time again, meaning both teams were locked in the game. Finally, at 37 minutes in the game, after taking Baron GEN was able to win a 2v2 in the bottom lane to get a man advantage, then pushed straight into the TL base to claim more kills, and ultimately, the Nexus.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: GEN-TL
  • Time: 38:22
  • Kills: 23-15
  • Turrets: 11-2
  • Gold: 75.6k-65.7k
  • Dragons: 3-2
  • Barons: 2-1
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