League of Legends Games of The Week: Feb. 20-24, 2019

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League of Legends Games of The Week: Feb. 20-24, 2019

Another week has gone by, and ESTNN has another League of Legends Games of the Week for you. This week, we saw two of the remaining four undefeated teams lose their first matches. The Spring Split is another week closer to playoffs, and we have started to get a better grasp on what each region's playoff race will look like. There are some great series' in store for us this week in the major regions.


Wednesday, February 20th 3 AM ET Gen G vs. Griffin:

Gen G. shocked Griffin and the world during last year's Korean Regional Qualifiers. Griffin looks to continue their unbeaten LCK run and seek revenge against a struggling Gen G. This past week has been a tough week for previously undefeated teams as both G2 and Team Liquid have dropped games. The pressure will be on Griffin, but we have yet to see any signs of them slowing down. With the second half of the split starting this week we will see if any team have found a way to deal with the sheer dominance of this Griffin lineup.

Wednesday, February 20th 6 AM ET KT vs. SKT:

The Telecom War is usually some of the best matches to watch each year. Yet for the past year, we have seen an extremely one-sided affair with KT bearing the title of “Super Team” and defeating a much weaker SKT side. It seems that the roles are reversed for this season. KT currently sit on a 2-6 record and have failed to show much concurrency in picking up many more wins and reaching playoffs. SKT is the clear favorite, but we can always look for the Telecom War to bring an interesting twist to the season.

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Friday, February 22nd 3 AM Hanwha Life vs. DAMWON Gaming:

Arguably one of the more even and intriguing matchups of the LCK will occur when Hanwha Life goes up against DAMWON Gaming. These are some of the newer teams of the LCK that have shown some incredible drive to become the best. Both teams are currently separated by one game for the fourth place spot. DAMWON recently announced the signing of Top laner Flame for the second half of the split; this will add depth to an already exciting squad.


Friday, February 22nd 12 PM ET Schalke 04 vs. G2 Esports:

For our first game of the week (in the LEC), we have a compelling affair between G2 Esports and Schalke 04. G2 are no longer shackled by the pressure of an undefeated season and will be looking to bounce back from their loss against Origen. Schalke have had a hot streak throughout the year but have stumbled in the last couple of weeks going 1-1. This could be a huge momentum swing for either team and will be an entertaining match that many are looking forward to.

Friday, February 22nd 2 PM ET Team Vitality vs. Splyce:

Splyce has had a great split being able to edge out some crucial wins against some of the top teams of the table. Yet, it seems that they are still largely underrated by many in the LEC. This week Splyce has the opportunity to prove themselves when they face Team Vitality for the second time in the split. Vitality proved many people wrong when they were able to dismantle a sluggish Schalke side. This game and be a big stamp on where these two teams will finish at the end of the split.

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Saturday, February 23rd 9 PM ET TSM vs. CLG:

The North American Classic is taking place this week when TSM face CLG in their last match of the first half of the split. With both teams currently tied for 4th at 4-4, there is a lot on the line for this game. We will also see who wins the “coaches trade” when Weldon Green and Zikz face off against their old teams. This feels like the first time in a couple of years where the game could go either way and with so many stories intertwined it will be a must watch for any fan of the LCS.

Sunday, February 24th 5 PM Cloud9 vs. CLG:

Cloud9's last loss came via Counter Logic Gaming. Both teams will get a chance to prove themselves. If C9 can clutch it out and confidently take down CLG, then it will almost be a guarantee that they are the clear number two team in NA. CLG will want to keep showcasing their growth and show that the old guard of NA is back alive and looking to challenge for a title. After the fall of TL in the weekend, many of North America's contenders will be looking to show that TL is no longer the undisputed best team in North America.

Did we miss any games? Do you suspect any updates? Be sure to let us know on Twitter. Also, keep an eye out for our weekly predictions of the LEC and LCS.

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