LoL: Fnatic Announces Adam As New Starting Top Laner

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LoL: Fnatic Announces Adam As New Starting Top Laner

With rumors of Bwipo moving into the jungle, Fnatic needed a new top laner – and they just found him.

Fnatic looks to step up their game for the 2021 LEC Summer Season. The rumors about Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau moving into the jungle are pretty much confirmed, even more so by the new announcement on Twitter about their new top laner, Adam “Adam” Maanane.

League esports fans who were keeping up with this spring’s EU Masters might be familiar with Adam. He was the player who held strong in the northern part of the map for Karmine Corps, the team who won the Masters.

Adam’s career started in 2019 when he started to play for Olympe Esports. He then transferred to Initial Esports and Unfazed Esports before joining Kameto Corps, which later became Karmine Esports, the strongest team in France and in the Masters scene. They won the LFL 2021 Spring by beating Misfits Premier 3-0, then went on to compete in the European Masters. They did not lose any matches in Group D and fought their way to the Finals, beating BT Excel 3-1 to claim the trophy.

Adam loves his bruisers and juggernauts. He played the most Darius games in 2021 so far, is the second-best Renekton player among the pros according to Games of Legends and is the only one who was brave enough to whip out the Olaf top. He is also very successful with the unstoppable Viking, as he won all five matches he picked Olaf.

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Where Adam is heading

Adam just might be what Fnatic needs for the summer. Bwipo was kind of hit or miss in the first half of the season, so the oldest team in Europe wanted someone that can hold his ground against the best. Adam proved to be someone who can play tanks reliably and also carry with the likes of Aatrox and Renekton, so he will be a worthy addition to Fnatic's roster. If Bwipo moves into the jungle, Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek will likely step down from the team, but the official announcement has not been made for that yet.

Fnatic placed 5th in the regular season of LEC Spring Split with a record of nine wins and nine losses. They had a disappointing run in the playoffs, where they also placed 5th. They beat SK Gaming 3-1 but failed to win against Schalke 04, getting eliminated and missing this year's Mid-Season Invitational. Maybe with Adam and Bwipo in the jungle they will qualify for Worlds!

LoL: Fnatic Announces Adam As New Starting Top Laner
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