LoL: Excel Signs Nukeduck As Starting Mid For LEC Summer Split

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LoL: Excel Signs Nukeduck As Starting Mid For LEC Summer Split

Excel has announced their mid laner for the 2021 LEC Summer Split as Erlend “nukeduck” Våtevik Holm joins the roster.

Recently, Excel Esports announced that Pawel “Czekolad” Szczepanik would be leaving the mid lane position ahead of Summer Split, alongside support Tore “Tore” Hoel Eilersten. Nukeduck joins Excel having been previously made inactive by Astralis after they signed Carl Felix “MagiFelix” Boström from Fnatic Academy during the Spring Split.

Nukeduck was an active member of the Astralis roster for just a few weeks due to personal reasons in Spring, with the assumption being that he’d return. However, MagiFelix’s arrival saw Astralis have a positive change in form which caused Astralis to sign MagiFelix for the remainder of 2021. In doing so, this made Nukeduck an inactive member of their roster.

Nukeduck had this to say:

“I can bring leadership to Excel. I know how the strategic part of the game works and I’m also looking to bring top-notch individual gameplay too.”

Nukeduck has been in the European scene since he first arrived back in 2012, being a part of the LCS/LEC since 2014. His most recent stint was with Astralis/Origen, where he was a part of the roster since 2018. He was one of only two members to stay with the roster when it made a push for Worlds in 2020, something they’d ultimately fail to do.

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Nukeduck would again stick with Astralis in 2021 even when the rest of the roster departed, though was replaced early into the split.

A step back for Excel?

It’s a move that might not ignite hope in Excel fans. At 24, Nukeduck will bring a lot of experience to an Excel side that continues to struggle in the LEC, failing to make playoffs in any of their splits thus far. While Excel will be hoping they are signing the same Nukeduck that won Rift Rivals against NA in 2019, and second place in Spring 2019, it’s been a long year since then and Nukeduck wasn’t at the races in 2020.

As for Excel as a whole, the 2021 Summer Split is a defining split for the team. The final year of the organization’s three-year plan to make playoffs could end in failure if they fail to make playoffs in Summer Split. The roster is yet to announce a support, so it’s too early to say how things will play out, but what’s clear is Excel needs to improve on their 8th place Spring Split finish.

LoL: Excel Signs Nukeduck As Starting Mid For LEC Summer Split
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