LoL: Everything You Need To Know About LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2021

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LoL: Everything You Need To Know About LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2021

After nine weeks of exciting action, the LCS is wrapping things up in the playoffs.

There’s no rest for the LCS teams, as unlike their counterparts in Europe, they’ll be going straight into the playoffs. Taking place over four weekends, the LCS’ best will face off in a double-elimination bracket to crown the LCS Summer Split 2021 title. In this article, we’ll give you all the details about LCS Summer Split 2021.

Where can you watch LCS Summer Split Playoffs?

As always, the best bet is You can watch on a variety of platforms through that and see live stats during the games. Or, if you want it even easier, you can just head to the official LCS Twitch stream.

LCS Summer Split schedule

Round One gets underway on Friday, August 7 and 8, with the second pair of matches taking place on August 13 and 14.

Round Two Will also start on August 14 and 15, featuring the winners from the two early matches from Round One. The loser of those matches will then face the winner of the second set of Round One matches on August 20 and 21.

Round Three Will see the two Lower Bracket winners play on August 22.

Round Four is the Semifinals, with the first (Upper Bracket) played on August 21, and the second (Lower Bracket) played on August 28,

The Grand Final will take place on the day after the second Semifinal, on Sunday, August 29.

The LCS 2021 playoff bracket, showing the team names in the first two rounds in boxes.
A look at the full schedule.

Which teams made the LCS Summer Split playoff?

After an immense final weekend of LCS matches, and some interesting final weekend “meme comps”, the LCS sides are ready to take on the playoffs.

  • Top-seeded sides: TSM, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Dignitas
  • Lower seeded sides: Immortals and Golden Guardians

What is the LCS Summer Split format?

Eight teams will enter the LCS playoffs, with matches taking place over four weekends of action. The format is double elimination, with best-of-five used throughout.

 LCS Summer Split event information

  • Location: LCS Studio, LA
  • Round One: Upper and Lower Bracket Game One
  • Round Two: Upper and Lower Bracket Game Two
  • Round Three: Lower Bracket Game Three


  • Location: Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
  • Round Four: Upper and Lower Bracket Semifinals
  • Round Five: Grand Final weekend

Who’s the favorite to win the LCS Summer Split?

The two first seeds, TSM and 100 Thieves, are clearly the standout favorites. Cloud9 will likely be in with a shot, providing they can get past Team Liquid in their first game. With the eight-team format, however, a lot could happen as the rounds go on, so an upset is always on the cards. With TSM and 100 Thieves getting a Round One bye, however, they’ll have a good opportunity to see what other teams are doing ahead of meeting them in Round Two.

LoL: Everything You Need To Know About LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2021
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