European Masters 2022 Summer Returns on August 24

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European Masters 2022 Summer Returns on August 24

The highest semi-professional League competition in Europe is kicking off at the end of the Summer as the European Masters 2022 Summer returns.

ERLs or European Regional Leagues are the highest tiers of local competition in the European League stratosphere and they also act as a scouting ground for the LEC teams. ERL circuit currently has eleven local leagues that play two splits a year, similar to LEC. At the end of each split, the top teams from each ERL meet up in an interregional tournament to find out who is the best team and who has the best league.

For the last three splits, the best league and the best team have been consistent, thanks to Karmine Corp’s back-to-back-to-back victories at EU Masters. So going into Summer 2022, the anticipation is at an all-time high as fans started to wonder whether someone finally unseats the KCorp, or if will we have another LFL victory in our hands.

Thankfully, Riot decided not to keep us waiting and announce the schedule for the EU Masters 2022 Summer. The action will kick off next month on August 24 with the play-in stage. With the focus on developing and shedding a light on new talent across Europe, players from multiple regions will represent their leagues. Due to this, the event will be held online. The full schedule for the tournament is:

European Masters 2022 Summer Start Dates

Amazon EU Masters Play-ins

  • Group stage: 24 – 25 August
  • Knockout stage: 27 August

Amazon EU Masters Main Stage

  • Group stage: 
    • Week one: 29 August – 1 September
    • Week two: 5 – 8 September
  • Quarterfinals: 15 – 18 September
  • Semifinals:  21 – 22 September
  • Grand Finals: 25 September


EU Masters 2022 slot distribution

There are some changes to the number of representatives each ERL gets, whether direct participation or a play-in spot. After the last split’s announcement, some fans were dissatisfied with the distribution, with NLC having two spots as a back-to-back finalist league or Ultraliga getting four slots despite not having top-performing teams. After reviewing more recent performances from each ERL, Riot made some minor changes to the slot distribution for this Summer’s EU Masters. You can see the full breakdown of slots for each region below:

  • LFL: 2 Main Stage slots, 2 Play-ins slots
  • Ultraliga: 2 Main Stage slots, 1 Play-ins slot
  • Superliga: 2 Main Stage slots, 1 Play-ins slot
  • NLC: 2 Main Stage slots, 1 Play-ins slot
  • Prime League: 2 Main Stage slots, 1 Play-ins slot
  • PG Nationals: 1 Main Stage slot, 1 Play-ins slot
  • EBL: 1 Main Stage slot, 1 Play-ins slot
  • Elite Series: 2 Play-ins spots
  • LPLOL: 2 Play-ins spots
  • Hitpoint Masters: 2 Play-ins spots
  • GLL: 2 Play-ins spots

EU Masters Main Event usually starts after the LEC Finals, or at the least at the late stages during LEC Playoffs. For fans who are fans of European LOL and want more content to watch or fans who want to support the development of regional leagues, EU Master is the perfect opportunity. With the ERLs nearly done with their regular seasons and almost ready for their playoffs, the attending teams will slowly be determined.

To keep up to date on the upcoming EU Masters, including which teams have already qualified, make sure you follow EU Masters on social media or follow us on ESTNN.

European Masters 2022 Summer Returns on August 24
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