LoL: EU Masters Playoffs & Grand Finals Preview

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LoL: EU Masters Playoffs & Grand Finals Preview

With the EU Masters heading into the playoffs and Grand Final stage, we take a look at the eight sides and who’s most likely to take the EU Masters Spring 2021 title.

With the tournament down to its final eight teams, it’s time to take a look at whom we think will come out on top. The Group Stage certainly threw us some clear favorites, with three of the four top-placed finishers ending the Group 6-0. Karmine Corp, UCAM Esports Club, and BIG all came out unbeaten, with Misfits Premier dropping just one series.

In the second place, the three sides finished 3-3, with Mkers, Suppup eSports, and BTXL all going even. Just Group C caused a showdown scenario, with three sides going 2-4. Mousesports would come out on top, after winning the three-way tiebreaker.

Who’s the favorite to take the EU Masters Spring 2021 title?

Odds on the winner of the EU Masters are already out and according to Sportsbettingdime, Misfits Premier and Karmine Corp are joint-favorites at +250. Misfits Premier and Karmine Corp are joint-favorites at +250. Outside those two sides, after their impressive showing in groups, you can get UCAM Esports Club at +1800 to win the EU Masters.

Form would certainly back the odds, with Karmine Corp, in particular, looking like a standout favorite to take the entire tournament. Their final day showing in Group D looked like men against boys, with even BTXL, who’d won two games going into the match completely outclassed.

Elsewhere, Misfits Premier are the shortest odds for an LEC academy side left in the event. They’re also the only academy roster to win their respective group. Misfits dropped one series in Group B, with second-placed Suppup eSports able to take them down. Suppup were not expected to make it as far as they did. In a group featuring three LEC academy rosters (AGO Rogue and G2 Arctic) they managed to come out ahead.

What about the rest?

For the sides who came second, it’s a little harder. With a series against first seed opposition to get through first, the odds on the second seed sides are much longer. The second-place spots were tight until the very end. As mentioned earlier, Suppup was a surprise second-place finishers, while mouseports had to endure a tiebreaker to get out of their group.

Mkers had to make it through a tight final day, which saw them win just one of their three matches, though they just managed to squeeze through. BTXL left it till the final day to secure their spot but wins against FC Schalke 04 Evolution and Cream Real Betis saw the British side make it to the playoffs, despite the odds looking against them.

LoL: EU Masters Playoffs & Grand Finals Preview
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