LoL Esports And Mastercard Bring Worlds 2021 Capsule Collection & Digital Experiences To Fans

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LoL Esports And Mastercard Bring Worlds 2021 Capsule Collection & Digital Experiences To Fans

Worlds 2021 is becoming even more memorable.

The World Championship is the biggest time of the year for League of Legends fans around the world. It brings the highest level of competition together for a truly spectacular event. But this year, it's not all just about the games. LoL Esports and long-time partner Mastercard have announced two new ways that viewers can enjoy the event and make it a priceless, memorable experience.

The first of which is the Worlds 2021 Capsule Collection. This exclusive set of merch was designed with the help of Chinese street artist Pems Lou, and is honestly fantastic. It features an oversized mousepad, a poster and a skateboard deck with art inspired by the Worlds Show Open, along with a hoodie and hat that represent Worlds 2021 itself, and finally, a maybe not-so-cuddly, but super cool, Jinx-themed BE@RBRICK.

A promo image for the LoL Esports x Mastercard Worlds 2021 Capsule Collection, showing the various merch items with Worlds 2021 graphics incorporated.

In addition to that, fans will get some exciting, exclusive opportunities to partake in, courtesy of Mastercard. They've brought together some of the biggest names in the scene to give unique, digital experiences to a lucky few. Ever wanted to learn how to dance from Sjokz? Or maybe learn to shoutcast from some of the best in the biz? Maybe you're just a G2 fan and really want to know what Carlos is planning for next year. Those experiences, and more, are up for grabs over on the official LoL Esports Priceless page.

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Between a new great set of merch and experiences that you'll never forget, there's plenty to be excited for beyond the event itself. The 2021 Capsule Collection will launch on November 6, the same day as the upcoming show Arcane debuts and the Worlds 2021 Grand Final takes place. It'll be a jam-packed day and one to remember!

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