Bence Loksa
Bence Loksa
Bence Loksa is a law student, freelance journalist and aspiring esports caster from Hungary. He has been playing League of Legends for 10 years, putting thousands of hours into the game. He has also been playing Valorant and Smite since their closed betas, and recently took an interest in Call of Duty. He started following esports back in 2015 when Unicorns of Love qualified for the EU LCS.

LoL: This Week’s Discounted Skins and Champions of July 11th – 17th

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This Week's Discounted Skins and Champions arrived this Monday.

Every week, Riot Games discounts 15 Skins and 5 Champions in the League of Legends shop. Some of them only get 20% cheaper, but there are items that can be acquired for less than half their price. From this Monday through Sunday, these 5 heroes and 15 skins are available for a lot fewer Riot Points!


Viktor: -40% / 528 RP


Rengar: -45% / 484 RP


Vi: -55% / 396 RP


Brand: -60% / 352 RP


Nocturne: -60% / 352 RP



Porcelain Amumu: -27% / 975 RP

Porcelain Amumu

Porcelain Lux: -27% / 975 RP

Porcelain Lux

Elderwood Gnar: -27% / 975 RP

Elderwood Gnar

PsyOps Zed: -45% / 742 RP

PsyOps Zed

PsyOps Shen: -45% / 742 RP

PsyOps Shen

Arcanist Zoe: -45% / 742 RP

Arcanist Zoe

Twitch Shadowfoot: -50% / 675 RP

Twitch Shadowfoot

Pool Party Caitlyn: -50% / 675 RP

Pool Party Caitlyn

Mecha Malphite: -55% / 607 RP

Mecha Malphite

Blackthorn Morgana: -60% / 540 RP

Blackthorn Morgana

Nemesis Jax: -50% / 487 RP

Nemesis Jax

Sir Kled: -55% / 438 RP

Sir Kled

Uncle Ryze: -40% / 312 RP

Uncle Ryze

Worldbreaker Nautilus: -60% / 300 RP

Worldbreaker Nautilus

Karate Kennen: -45% / 286 RP

Karate Kennen

These are all the Skins and Champions that can be purchased for less RP than usual. The -27% skins are always recent, so if you wanted to get Porcelain Lux and Amumu to go with your Lissandra and Kindred a few weeks back, you can most certainly get it! The cheapest skin of this week is Karate Kennen, which is not a new outfit for the Slicing Yordle, but it’s one that is easily worth a few bucks!

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