LOL: Discounted Skins and Champions from June 20th

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LOL: Discounted Skins and Champions from June 20th

This week’s skin sale has some really good-looking outfits for our favorite Champions. Check out this week's Discounted Skins and Champions.

Every week, Riot Games discounts 15 skins and 5 Champions so that players can get their hands on the cheap. This week is no different, and there are some great outfits for your favorite Champions – which you can acquire for fewer Riot Points until next Tuesday!

The Champions discounted this week are Ziggs, Jayce, Kai’Sa, Aurelion Sol and Teemo, with Teemo getting the smallest discount at 30% of the original RP price.

Ziggs: -60% / 352 RP

Splash art of Base Ziggs

Teemo: -30% / 409 RP

Base Teemo Splash Art

Kai'Sa: -55% / 438 RP

Base Splash Art of Kai'Sa

Aurelion Sol: -40% / 55%

Jayce: -45% / 484 RP

Splash art of base Jayce

Next comes the Skins. There are some for just a few bucks, such as Golden Alistar, a cheap Skin that got a 60% discount this week. But there are some really great ones such as Ruined Shyvana, Porcelain Kindred and Porcelain Lissandra, which are fairly recent and worth getting if you fancy these Champions.

Golden Alistar: -60% / 156 RP

Splash art of Golden Alistar

Traditional Lee Sin: -55% / 233 RP

Splash art of Traditional Lee Sin

Chosen Master Yi: -30% / 364 RP

Splash art of Chosen Master Yi

Blood Moon Kennen: -60% / 390 RP

Splash art of Blood Moon Kennen

Death Blossom Kha'Zix: -60% / 390 RP

Splash art of Death Blossom Kha'Zix

Full Metal Rammus: -55% / 438 RP

Splash art of Full Metal Rammus

Special Weapon Zac: -50% / 487 RP

The Thousand-Pierced Bear: -45% / 536 RP

Darkrider Sejuani: -45% / 536 RP

Piltover Customs Heimerdinger: -45% / 536 RP

True Damage Yasuo: -50% / 675 RP

Odyssey Sivir: -30% / 944 RP

Porcelain Lissandra: -27% / 975 RP

Porcelain Kindred: -27% / 975 RP

Ruined Shyvana: -25% / 1012 RP

Get the skins cheaper for a limited time, and check back to ESTNN next week for 20 new discounts!