LoL: CLG Picks Up Damonte As New Starting Midlaner For LCS Summer Split

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LoL: CLG Picks Up Damonte As New Starting Midlaner For LCS Summer Split

The former 100 Thieves man is joining CLG as they look to kick on in Summer Split.

It’s not been a great year for CLG thus far; but with the addition of Tanner “Damonte” Damonte CLG will be hoping they can turn their split around. Damonte will join up with the rest of the CLG side which consists of Finn, Broxah, WildTurtle, and Smoothie. The current mid laner, Pobelter, will be moved to the bench for the time being.

The change is a much needed one, with CLG currently sitting joint-9th place alongside Golden Guardians with a 10-26 record across 2021. Despite the record, CLG has some of the most experienced and storied players in the league, but things just don’t seem to be clicking for them.

Damonte is a veteran of the LCS having spent time with 100 Thieves, Golden Guardians, Dignitas, and Echo Fox. Playing at a professional level since 2015, Damonte has picked up a wealth of experience in his time in North America. Experience that CLG will need to call upon quickly if they want to turn their season around.

Not a good week for CLG

After posting a bizarre (and now deleted) video of coaching staff at CLG announcing players were to be benched. CLG was quickly given a dressing down on Twitter before removing the video and posting the above tweet. The intention was to give fans a look at the raw conversation that goes around making a roster swap. Ultimately, however, it ended up coming off as fairly tone deaf; with CLG fans not liking the directions of the video.

Moving forward, CLG needs to pick up wins, or any hope of making a playoff run is quickly going to disappear. Given the clear state of the morale on the side, it might already be too late.

LoL: CLG Picks Up Damonte As New Starting Midlaner For LCS Summer Split
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