LoL: Astralis Signs MagiFelix As Cover For Nukeduck

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LoL: Astralis Signs MagiFelix As Cover For Nukeduck

After a poor start to the Spring Split, Astralis has made a change in the mid lane.

With Erlend “Nukeduck” Holm stepping down due to personal reasons, Astralis has turned to the former Fnatic Academy mid laner Felix “MagiFelix” Boström. MagiFelix has already linked up with the rest of the team in Copenhagen and will play this weekend.

For now, MagiFelix is signed with Astralis until March 31 while Nukeduck deals with some personal issues. At this stage, we don’t know what will happen with MagiFelix after this period.

MagiFelix joins Astralis as a rookie, despite playing one game in the LEC in the past. MagiFelix joins an Astralis side currently struggling for form, so he’ll need to hit the ground running. Having spent the past two years with Fnatic, MagiFelix has failed to make it close to the starting roster, despite good performances in the Academy scene.

Outside of competitive play, however, MagiFelix has a reputation for being a Solo Queue god. During the 2018 season, he was able to get five accounts into the top 20 on EUW. Most recently, in 2020, MagiFelix managed to get five accounts to the Challenger rank. He actually had one in each of the five roles.

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While he’s not had much stage experience, and due to COVID he won’t still, MagiFelix has a lot of people talking about him and this might finally be his chance to prove himself. Unfortunately for MagiFelix, he joins a side that can’t seem to buy a win currently. This might make his job even more difficult. That said, with the team doing so poorly, it might be a good chance for him to gain some experience without the pressure of needing to perform.

LoL: Astralis Signs MagiFelix As Cover For Nukeduck
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