LoL: Ashley Kang To Join LEC For The Next Two Weeks

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LoL: Ashley Kang To Join LEC For The Next Two Weeks

Korizon founder, LCK interviewer and Korean translator for the masses Ashley Kang will join LEC broadcast for Week Six and Seven.

The LEC is employing yet another guest from Korea as Ashley Kang will be joining the broadcast as a post-game interviewer. She will be replacing Laure “Bulii” Valée, the regular host of the post-match interviews.

Kang has been around the League of Legends community for a while, doing interviews with LCK and other professional players. She was a correspondent for ESPN Esports back in the day and is an insider for the LCK for English-speaking audiences. Before setting out on her own with Korizon and ESPN, Kang was the regular interview host for the LCK.

Now, she does interviews with many of the stars of the LCK weekly and posts them with translated subtitles.

LEC and guest appearances

The LEC is no stranger to guest appearances by other presenters, analysts, and interviewers. In 2019 Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith graced the European casting desk for a time. Recently, Nick “LS” De Cesare joined the analyst desk from Korea as well.

While this is not a new phenomenon for the European production, this will mark a rare time when two different guests have appeared in one split. According to Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, this is due to the ongoing global pandemic and the ease of remote production.

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“I'm so excited to work with Ashley and I'm even more excited how positive the entire LEC team to consistently explore using varied guests. One of the very few benefits of Covid has been the ability to dial people in around the world.” Quickshot said in a Reddit thread about the news. “I'm very excited to see what Ashley can bring to the interview role on our broadcast and super stoked Laure and the entire team are willing to welcome guests to our show and give them a chance to strut their stuff.”

Fans should expect Kang to be a fun addition to the production team and bring some new energy into the always stellar broadcast.

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