LoL 14.8: MSI 2024 Patch Revealed by Lead Gameplay Designer

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LoL 14.8: MSI 2024 Patch Revealed by Lead Gameplay Designer

MSI 2024 will be played on the 14.8 meta, and the first details about the upcoming LoL 14.8 patch — along with the  intentions behind some of the changes — have major implications.

With the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational being less than a month away, League of Legends' Lead Gameplay Designer Matt Leung-Harrison laid out the future changes coming to the international tournament.

League of Legends' constant patches keep the game fresh and the meta unpredictable. These changes create a ‘meta' which dictates the strongest champions to play in the game.

Patches the precede major esports tournaments are highly important. And since certain Pro players are known for their “champ pools”, certain meta changes can make or break a Pro team's strongest composition.

Knowing the current meta lets you predict the outcome of  certain match-ups by looking at the most powerful picks, and who's countering them. Here's everything you need to know about LoL 14.8 patch preview.

LoL 14.8 Patch Buffs Control Mages, Nerfs Azir

Hwei, LeBlanc and Ryze stand above the rest as the strongest players in the LoL 14.8 middle lane due to substantial buffs in their scaling, base damage and crowd control (CC) respectively.

Azir is a champion that's seen a lot of use in Pro play due to his ability to set up big plays. That said, the Emperor of the Sands was deemed too sturdy against other mid-lane mages, so he's getting considerably less HP regen and late-game power with his W.

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This creates space for other non-mage champs to take Azir's place. But Azir's likely not going anywhere because of his strong counterplay against popular ADCs. At the same time, the meta's so “mage-heavy”, so we're expecting more Sylas/Galio flex picks in MSI 2024.

LoL 14.8 Patch MSI 2024 Patch
Credit: Riot Games

14.8 Voidgrubs Will Take Longer to Spawn for More Top Side Focus

With the demand for longer fights, Riot's devs are letting one of the strongest early-game objectives spawn later for more player-on-player action.

Voidgrubs are objective monster camps that grant the “Hunger of the Void” buff to whoever kills them. This power-up grants true damage against enemy structures like turrets. And three Voidgrubs spawn in the Baron pit before the Herald makes an appearance.

In LoL 14.8, the Voidgrub Camp will spawn at the six-minute mark instead of the fifth “to see a little less trading of objectives and an increased focus on attention on top side.” On top of that, Riot also increased the DPS you get from killing a Voidgrub.

LoL 14.8 will also buff most of Baron Nashor's attacks, making it a more dangerous gamble during hgh-pressure moments in MSI 2024.

14.8 Jhin Will Hurt More

Jhin is on track to receive huge buffs to his main damage skill (Q AD ratio increased from 35-65% >>> 44-74%), as well as additional movement speed after every crit.

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This will likely put counterpicks like Varus, Caitlyn and Ezreal back in the forefront on the Pro draft. But only time will tell if the changes are drastic enough to put popular champs like Jinx and Zeri out of rotation in the next few weeks.

Last season saw a huge focus on ranged AD Carry (ADC) champions. And based on recent changes, the League of Legends devs are likely to put more attention on the midlane mages for the rest of the year. This is more probable due to how isolated top-lane has become after the major Rift update, and the focus on physical mid champs in Pro play.

Skarner’s Balance Change Will Drop In 14.8

Last on the list of major changes are the champion adjustments for Skarner. The Primoridal Sovereign was the last champion to receive a visual gameplay update in League, and his biggest flaws are going to be addressed in LoL 14.8 in preparation for MSI 2024.

From what's been revealed, Skarner's getting both a buff on his Q ability and a nerf on Seismic Bastion, which lets the champion shield himself while slowing nearby foes.

LoL 14.8 Skarner Champion Adjustments

  • Mana Growth -5
  • Mana Regen Growth +0.15
  • Shattered Earth (Q)
    • Cast time 0.5 > 0.35
    • Q Damage 10-50 >>> 10-70
    • Q Bonus AD 40% >>> 60%
    • Mana Cost 40-60 >>> 30-50
    • Buff Duration 3.5 >>> 5.0
  • Upheaval (Q2)
    • Recast lockout 0.75 >>> 0.5
  • Seismic Bastion (W)
    • Mana Cost 50-70 >>>60-80
    • Damage 60-180 >>> 50 – 150

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