LoL 14.7 Patch Notes: Buffs, Reworks and More

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LoL 14.7 Patch Notes: Buffs, Reworks and More

We're diving into the latest balance changes in LoL 14.7, and the best way to play the strongest champs in the meta.

League of Legends' popularity is owed to the regular updates that keep the game fresh, and the LoL 14.7 patch is no exception. That said, Riot introduced a lot of new changes in League's latest balance update, so we've summarized all of the major changes below.

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LoL 14.7 Patch Notes Explained

LoL 14.7 adds April Fools' tomfoolery in the form of whacky damage updates for some Support champs. Other than that, Volibear is being scaled back a bit to manage his insane solo laning power, and buffs are coming to a lot of ARAM champs! Here's everything you need to know about the LoL 14.7 patch notes.

Skarner Rework is Live!

League of Legends' latest hero rework is finally here in the form of Skarner, the Primordial Sovereign!

Along with an impressive visual update, Skarner now has new and improved abilities that focus on AOE crowd control. Besides his Passive which applies stacks that deal damage over time, his E lets him tunnel under terrain and his ultimate lets you drag up to three champions at the same time with his stingers!

LoL 14.7 All Champion Buffs


Camille hasn't been performing well since the huge Summoner's Rift map update we got early in the year. So the devs are making The Steel Shadow more “top-heavy” by buffing her W. This makes her laning phase stronger, so Riot's dialling her Hookshot back to avoid Camille's potential power spike in the Support category.

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The devs are walking back from the nerfing tests and giving Galio back some much needed stopping power. Passive, W and E are getting buffed in LoL 14.7, making him viable in both Mid and Bot as an AP colossus. Galio mains rejoice!


Huge scaling buffs across the board make Karma a more consistent shield champ. With Mantra no longer reliant on her E skill, she'll also be free to stop Junglers in their tracks with her improved early-game root. Keep in mind that her movement speed still synergizes with her ultimate.


While the recent patch nerfed Profane Hydra Kayn, the developers are focusing on bettering his alternate builds with a Q buff. In turn, this will make Rhaast's transformation available faster due to Reaping Slash's effect. This was the only buff he received however, so he shouldn't be too hard to deal with as long as you counter his build.


Support Lux is getting hit with an additional drawback due to Zaz’Zak's nerf, so the devs are beefing her up in other areas — specifically her waveclear capabilities. Higher Ability Power (AP) scaling on both her Passive damage and Q makes Lux a generally better mage in LoL 14.7.


Higher heal scaling and lessened bounce penalty in exchange for slightly less damage. The Tidecaller has been on the decline in recent months, so these 14.7 changes will probably make her a viable support pick again (Lucian+Nami, anyone?).


With Divine Sunderer out of the game, the devs are giving Nasus more love by making his Passive and Q ability more effective against enemy champs in the laning phase. This means slightly more lifesteal and a world of hurt for anyone that's foolish enough to come within melee range.


Olaf's top lane performance is overshadowing his primary purpose as a Jungler, so Riot's giving him a considerable Q buff to help him clear faster. On top of that, they're purposefully shifting Olaf away from laning by increasing Ragnarok's mana cost (0>>>100). Though this seems like a drastic change, the devs have promised a swift hotfix if this doesn't land well.

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More of a bugfix than a real nerf, support item executes no longer give a full drop chance for Souls. This essentially means that Senna won't scale as hard anymore. The fun had to end sometime.


With less speed, Smolder is getting tougher scales in LoL 14.7's update. With more armor and added crit chance on Q, The Fiery Fledgling should hold his own against brawler champs now.


Similar to Nami, Sona is getting a significant buff to her support kit in exchange for a weaker Q aura. I'd make that deal!


Sylas' Q now deals 70% additional damage against jungle minions, making him better at clearing camps.

LoL 14.7 Patch

LoL 14.7 All Champion Nerfs


Fiora's 1v1 power has become too potent in recent months, so Riot's dialing her base Attack Damage (AD) back a few, while not totally crippling her duelling prowess.


Rek'Sai's top lane power has grown too much since 14.6 dropped, so her passive is getting nerfed to dramatically lessen the Fury she gets from non-champion targets. Fury of the Xer’Sai's early-game healing was slightly decreased as well, which should make for fairer match-ups.


Next on the chopping block is Rell, whose strength in Jungle Pro play has distracted from “the 90% of Rell players” who have been focused on Support play. As a result, the devs have completely removed Bonus Monster Damage from Rell's kit in return for improved Magic Resist.


Using Volibear's Q ability now grants AD instead of ability damage buffs, and Stormbringer's cooldown is now longer.

LoL 14.7 All Item Changes

Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike

  • Void Explosion Damage: 20 (+20%AP) (+4% Target Max HP) ⇒ 10 (+20% AP) (+3% Target Max HP)
  • Cooldown: 8/7/6 at level 1/11/16 ⇒ 10


  • Spellblade AD Ratio: 150% ⇒ 100%

Imperial Mandate

  • Current HP Damage: 12% ⇒ 10%

Statikk Shiv

  • Total Cost: 2700 ⇒ 2900

World Atlas

The gold you get from killing more minions past the threshold is now divided by the number of support items on the team. Basically, this should deter teams from building multiple support items in LoL 14.7.

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