LilyPichu Announces Switch Over to Youtube

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LilyPichu Announces Switch Over to Youtube

Twitch loses another big streamer as LilyPichu takes an exclusive deal with YouTube.

The long-time monopoly of Twitch when it comes to live streaming is slowly coming to an end, with more and bigger creators switching over to their competing platforms. Of course, this isn’t a first for them, as they had to compete with the likes of Facebook and Mixer, but neither of these companies was as established as YouTube when it comes to working with creators.

Today, the streamer Lily Ki, better known as LilyPichu, shared an announcement video on her Twitter about her future, which will continue on YouTube. For the last week or so, she has already been tweeting about an upcoming decision, but with a recent video about her “10 years of Twitch,” most people thought she would actually stay. In 2022, Lily has streamed around 500 total hours for an average of 5.7k viewers, peaking at 20k. Most streamers who made the switch over to YouTube saw some jump in their initial numbers, but we will see how her first stream will go tomorrow, June 8. The details of her deal with YouTube are not public.

LilyPichu is far from being the first streamer to make the jump. Just in 2022, we saw big creators like Valkyrae, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Ludwig and most recently Sykkuno moving over to YouTube. While most of these streamers have bigger audiences compared to Lily, there is a chance that this can turn out to be a more significant catch for YouTube. Lily is a member of OfflineTV, one of the biggest creator groups Twitch currently has. OfflineTV includes some other big streamers like Pokimane and DisguisedToast.

Even though they didn’t come out and say this will be their strategy, bringing these creators over to their platform as a group would be a big win for YouTube in their race against Twitch. More streamers who are interconnected with each other could help YouTube with creating a more communal feeling that already exists on Twitch, of course, if that is what they want.

LilyPichu Announces Switch Over to Youtube
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