Like A Dragon Gaiden Money Guide

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Like A Dragon Gaiden Money Guide

Here is our Like A Dragon Gaiden Money Guide.

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name replaces the experience system with stonecold cash, which is why you'll need a whole lot of it. Especially on the higher difficulty setting it is easy to go from the richest man in Osaka to a very solid reason why you crash on Akames couch.

So that's why we've listed a bunch of ways you can make money in Like A Dragon Gaiden while also crossing some tasks off your never-ending list of objectives. Veterans of the series might be familiar with some of these methods but there are also some new ones exclusive to Kiryu's latest, maybe last outing.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Money And How To Make It

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There are many, many ways to make money in LAD Gaiden some good, some bad, and some honestly not worth going after. You'll need the money to buy new equipment and skills to make your life easier down the line and maybe even cheat at some minigames that net you even more money.


If you're familiar with the series you know that gambling is a quick way to end up with a fortune if you know how to play your cards. Once you've sufficiently upgraded Akames Network using the money you earn you can buy special items from her that let you cheat at the various gambling-related minigames.

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These are one-time use and can manipulate the RNG in your favor. This works for pretty much every one of these but Black Jack tends to be the most consistent in terms of payout. If you get the Black Jack Amulet from Akame Store for 5000 points you get a guaranteed 5 Black Jacks the next time you use it. Bet high on it and the payout will usually be enormous.

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The Arena

Another main source of income in Like A Dragon Gaiden is the Arena which is unlocked fairly early in your playthrough. The more you progress through the Arena, the more opportunities to make money will present themselves.

Since you naturally need to spend on yourself to keep up with the ever-increasing challenge, the arena is your primary destination to get stronger. Once you've completed all the sponsored challenges, which require you to complete all the bronze, silver, and gold challenges you unlock the Gold Gambling Match.

The Gold Gambling Match lets you bet anywhere between a million and ten million yen to participate. If you win you get to double your earnings but if you lose you won't see a single one. It's one of the more risky investments you can make but it's also the fastest way to make money in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

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Fulfill Requests

Last but not least, working the Akame Network is a surefire way to stack up some money, especially in the early goings of your adventure. Ranking up the network will give you a little cash reward but the real money is taking on the requests which are the substories in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

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Rewards will vary between these requests but the more you complete, the more you unlock so it's worth completing them all.

If you're just looking to level up the Akame Network, you get points and experience from completing various tasks around town. Eat all the meals at restaurants, complete combat challenges, and play the minigames and you'll be swimming in points and money in no time.

For more on Like A Dragon Gaiden, check out our other guides such as how to bond with Akame and how to play the Pocket Circuit minigame.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Money Guide
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