Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname Romance Guide

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Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname Romance Guide

What game would it be if there wasn't the possibility of character romance? In Like a Dragon Gaiden, in fact, by breaking the rhythm of the missions and dedicating yourself to something completely different, you will have the opportunity to maintain relationships with some characters. The Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname romance is one of the five possibilities available in the game, but if you want your relationship to be successful, you will have to give the right answers in the dialogues you have with Kaname.

How to romance Kaname in Like a Dragon Gaiden

As more or less in real life, your relationship with Kaname will become stronger or weaker based on the way you behave and the answers you give during your conversations. Generally speaking, giving the answer that leads to a greater degree of affection is always the right answer, but there are times when you will have to take specific actions if you want your relationship with Kaname to rise to the maximum. Furthermore, once you have managed to maximize your relationship, you will be asked a question that will have only one correct answer, so you will have to be very careful to give exactly that. Below, here's how to behave.

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Rank #1


  • I'm Kaname. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  • No need to be so polite.
  • Buy the most expensive drink.


  • Do you think I'm unique?
  • I think so.

Favorite foods

  • I love seafood!
  • What kind of chikuwa?

Sense of direction

  • I have no sense of direction…
  • Well, the train lines are complex.

Early risers

  • I am not a morning person…
  • I'm sleepy in the morning, too.

Drink preference

  • What do you drink?
  • Wine flows through my veins.


  • I'm not a very good singer.
  • Singing is all about feeling.

Maid cafe

  • I used to work in a maid cafe.
  • You seem like a natural.

Rank up affection

  • Spending with you doesn't feel like work.
  • Really?

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname

Rank #2


  • I work as a model too.
  • What does that involve?
  • Buy the most expensive drink.


  • I can eat a whole cake by myself!
  • Actually, I'm the same.

Getting drunk

  • I get all touchy with people when I've been drinking…
  • You're not touchy with me…

Arts or science

  • You think I'm more creative or analytic?
  • Analytical.


  • Becoming a pinup idol is tough.
  • You mean interacting with people on set?

The opposite sex

  • I never make the first move.
  • Then I'll make the moves.

Foodie adventures

  • Sometimes I go on gourmet trips.
  • You're incredibly motivated.


  • I skipped meals today.
  • You sound like a professional.
  • Buy the most expensive present.

Rank up affection

  • Do you think I can make it as a pinup model?
  • You have my support.
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Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname

Rank #3


  • I really missed you.
  • Let's make this another one to remember.
  • Buy the most expensive drink.


  • If I had a boyfriend, I'd love to cook for him.
  • Sounds delicious!


  • When I like someone, I can't refuse a request from them.
  • Getting someone's hopes up is worse.

A hard worker

  • I always see things through to the end!
  • I get that impression from you.

Heart pounding

  • What would you do to excite me?
  • Give you a surprise present!

Cosplay selfies

  • I've gone overboard with the cosplay selfies.
  • What kind of poses do you do?

Date destinations

  • Where would you take me on a date?
  • A secluded, hole-in-the-wall spot.


  • I like to draw.
  • Draw me.
  • Buy the most expensive gift.

Rank up affection

  • Can you put me at ease?
  • Just be your usual self and you'll do fine!

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kaname Romance Guide
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